Mothers Milk ziplock bags

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Mothers Milk ziplock bags

Post by zelph » Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:14 pm

Hey, these little bags are the mom's meow :D They hold one cup of water nicely, have a gusseted bottom that keeps the bag standing up by it's self when filled. I've been using them with a health food product that I mix with water. The bag has a double zip locking system to prevent leakage. I pour in the powdered product, zip the two lines of closures and shake vigorously to mix the dry product. Mixes up terribly quick :o If I were to try and mix the dry product in a cup/glass it would take too long because the powder wants to float on top :roll: takes forever and a day to mix so the bag is a super fast way to geter done. It's really easy to drink right out of the bag.....I like easy and no cup to wash ;) You can use these bags for your favorite mix. Put pancake mix in them or powdered eggs ;) then just ad water and shake. Pudding...shake-a-pudding... I can do that :P

This years resolution is to eat healthier so all the goodies in this product called Seven Essentials is going to make me all new again :mrgreen:
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This product comes in bulk that I can transfer to the Mother's ziplocks for future use in pre measured amounts. Makes for easy and economical servings. The chocolate one tastes good for the morning warm drink. A friend of mine introduced me to this line of supplements. The Mother's ziplock was my bright idea :P

The Seven Essentials: Natural Berry

The Seven Essentials is a Nutritional Scientific Breakthrough. It gives you an easy, cost effective way to get all the nutrients you need without having to go on a special diet or keep a cupboard full of pills. And it could turn out to be the least expensive, most effective health insurance you can buy.

This non-genetically engineered Super-Food contains all the nutrients your body needs daily for healthy performance. And it comes as an easily absorbed powder that dissolves straight into your cells. You don't have to make do with just taking vitamins and minerals. Now you can get everything you need with one scoop of powder in water or juice twice a day - it's so easy. And with each scoop you'll get the seven nutrients you need to be healthy: :

1 - Enzymes: The workers and powerhouse of the body. This unique blend of plant enzymes aids your digestion and metabolic processes. Your body has over 70 trillion cells performing over 1000 biochemical transactions controlled by enzymes . . . And enzymes need coenzymes (organic vitamins) and cofactors ( ionic and trace minerals) in order to function properly.

2 - Co-Enzyme Vitamins: These organic tools used by the enzymes come straight from two of the most potent nutritional sources - stabilized rice bran and 'flash glanced' whole vegetables.

3 - Co-Factor Minerals: The most absorbable minerals and trace mineral co-factors from 2,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean boosted with additional calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 for bone health. All three keys to unleashing the power of the Seven Essential super nutrients.

4 - Protein: In a hydrolyzed whey formulation - the only whey that provides 100% absorption. Protein is essential for the manufacture of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, tissues, energy and proper pH balance - and is required for cell growth and detoxification.

5 - Essential Oils: These are essential for cell membrane integrity, hormonal regulation, mineral utilization and chemical detoxification. And Seven Essentials has the full range of fatty acids you need.

6 - Fiber: Vital for eliminating toxins. A high fiber diet reduces the risks of many cancers and helps to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This complete fiber blend helps regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and to detoxify the bowel.

7 - Probiotics: A strong immune system is your best protection against illness and disease and is vital for true health and fitness. Probiotics supply crucial support so your immune system can function at its best. This essential bacteria - a digestive-resistant lactobacillus - protects you from pathogenes, breaks down undigested food and eliminates toxic waste.

Plus! Broccoli Selenium - a unique protection against the silent killers - cancer and heart disease - and Siberian Ginseng for stress relief and cell protection.

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