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Re: Freezer bag omelets

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 9:09 am
by ConnieD
I think a poached egg that holds together has to be poached in water that is smoking hot, not boiling.

I understand people like poached eggs because only the freshest egg will hold together: the poached egg is an indication the egg is a fresh egg.

I asked this very question: why is that egg better?

1. some breeds of chicken have better tasting eggs than others,

2. what the chickens eat is important, but most important,

3. The eggs are kept in a cool room, not refrigerated.

They must be brought in each day, then the egg is the freshest best tasting egg.

Me? If the eggs are that quality, I would rather have a soft boiled egg but over-easy is can be good.

For camping, or Rest Area on the highway, I use my JetBoil for a soft-boiled egg and use the water for hot cocoa.

Re: Freezer bag omelets

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 10:24 am
by zelph
Hi Connie :D

Laid the same day eggs are THE best. My aunt raised chickens and I helped feed and process them. I was the "hatchet" man :mrgreen:

Free range chickens eat bugs, lots of them and that's what makes the eggs taste sooooo good.

I would go down to the river for a days worth of carp fishing. My aunt would cook the carp whole in a large wash tub. After the fish cooled, she then threw the entire mass of fish into the fenced in area for the chickens to fend for themselves. Ravenous little beasties they were :lol: They consumed everything to include the scales of the fish.

It's time for some breakfast eggs :D I think I will try poaching some in a pot.