is there any ion stove video?

Videos of the do-it-yourself stoves.
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Re: is there any ion stove video?

Post by zelph » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:04 pm

just tinkering wrote:
The small holes are really not necessary, enlarge the center hole to determine rate of burn. I think the stove had a known boil time of 11-12 min.....does that sound right?
Everything seems to match up well with Sgt. Rock's data: 10-12 ml needed to boil 2 cups of 70F and ~11-12 minute time to boil with an additional 60 sec of boil time.

I am pretty sure that the small holes help start and stabilize the initial flame. After the flame is established, I think that they are no longer required.
When I made one, the small holes never really added much to the lighting of the stove. Once heated up, the flame advanced to the outer diameter of the wedding tin. Once the flame advances, the little jets are without oxygen to maintain ignition. I think that's the way it was.

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