Mystery Tool 28

A hand held tool or device, see if you can guess what it is.
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Re: Mystery Tool 28

Post by oops56 » Sat Apr 12, 2008 6:02 pm

zelph wrote:
the spill plane was nailed to the mantle cause that's the way it was supposed to be used. move the wood, not the plane. (i do this from time to time. clamp a plane in a wooden vise upside-down and pass the material over the blade).

there were other homemade tools around the farm as well.
one that i remember seeing used once was a rope twister for making three-strand rope. i sure wish i remember how that thing worked. hand made wooden gears spinning as they turned, i think. just don't remember enough, as i was too young at the time. (closing in on fifty now, that was a looooooonng time ago).
That kind of information is priceless, thanks Daren!!!!!!

I remember seeing a rope maker like you describe incorporated into a broom making machine. Round brooms made of ??? and held together with the 3 stranded rope.

Approaching 50 heh. I'm glad I'm not there yet!!!!!! I look forward to the discounts though :mrgreen:
I am 65 i dont get any discounts just free advice and i know that allready :x
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