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Re: New Stover to the board

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 1:26 pm
by zelph
CajunHiker wrote:My next version will be using a Paslode fuel cell. The inner diameter is slightly larger than the un-altered bottle cap, but a gentle bending of cap makes for a nice fit. I'll probably increase fuel capacity to 1 oz and see how it goes. I'll eliminate the potential leak problems of the lower bottle caps. Since the wall diameter is constant, I'll now have to devise a method to keep the burner bottle cap at the desired height. My first thought is to drill a hole in the cap, and then thread a long stove bolt through. The end of the bolt would drop to the bottom of the tube thus holding the burner cap at a set height. Coming soon PBC Stove (Paslode Bottle Cap Stove)
This isn't the exact one I've got, but I think they're pretty much the same.
Use a #6 sheetmetal screw for the PBC stoves cap height adjuster. Or put a finishing nail through the sides of the burner, from one side to the other for the cap to rest on. The head of the nail would prevent it from going all the way through.

I'm like Mahem, like to watch Stove Evolution. :)