Stove wick

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Stove wick

Post by zelph » Fri Jan 04, 2008 11:11 am

Why do we have to make a stove to boil 16 oz. water under 3 min.This stove that i made 3 of them between last night and today i was trying to make a better stove for the jet boil not to good. I already got one that works ok but trying to make better.Now this stove is a honey a cheese can and tomato juice can bottom fits just right .The holes are push pins 3/4 down at a up angle 12 holes.The can is 2 in. od 2in. hi i put a wick around the bottom inside jb wed to can. The fill hole is left as it is just take out the rubber plug looks like a 1/8 hole. Here is the kicker on a 1/2 oz. fuel 15ml boil time 3.40 sec. total burn 4 min.I did not like that so i tried 17 ml. boil real good 4 min but now i got a 7 min. burn go finger. The can is a beef stew can 4 in. o d and the flames does not came up the sides witch i was trying for i guess with a windscreen it be faster.

Oops, do you think the stove gasket material you used on this stove would be good for wraping once around a Heinekin pot to make a band for picking up the hot pot? It looks like it would work and would give more insulation to the fingers. What is your opinion?

The design of this stove is simple and can be easily made by DIY"s. Good design, one worth duplicating by stovies. The boil time is impressive with the 1/2 ounce fuel. Your longer burn time on your second test might be because you used less primer which means the stove did not get as hot to cause a radical burning of fuel. Radical like a SuperCat

How much water does the beef stew can hold? Looks like it would make a good inexpensive pot. Remove the lid with a side cutter and you have the lid for it. This stove would be a good one for beggining stove makers to have as their first project.

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Re: Stove wick

Post by oops56 » Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:06 pm

The wick a little thin cost to much get the stove door one thats round cost less and can buy it by the foot
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