Coil stoves? I'm inspired, but cautious.

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Re: Coil stoves? I'm inspired, but cautious.

Post by realityguy » Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:10 pm

I've pretty much gotten away from jetted stoves for camping because they can be so cantankerous for burns depending on weather and temperature conditions(I know they look cool when they work right!)..and more into wicked ones of fiberglass cloth because they burn more even and consistent.Perhaps a double burner wicked stove serving two purposes for you making quick coffee and a lower level of simmer mode/special "baby bottle hole" pot cover(aluminum foil?) for warming the baby's bottle in some leftover water in the pot... :roll:

If you are going to design a wicked stove..make a new thread out of it since this one is on "jetted coil stoves".. ;) ..Yeah..I know..I/we/you get off topic at times..I'm bad for that.. :lol:
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Re: Coil stoves? I'm inspired, but cautious.

Post by zelph » Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:27 pm

realityguy wrote:Did you(anybody) do any further testing as to the tank temperature..say raise the stove up a little in your hand off the cold stainless steel while it is burning to see if it changes the burn with the temperature of your hand(or a warm stove glove,hot pad,or something..under it)?I might have missed some results in my absence...
You guys are still pretty cold out there yet back east...I just wonder if you'd get a more consistent burn(and fuel flow) with a start tank at higher temperatures..say 60 degrees... :roll: With the stove burning,especially with a heat shield around it,I'm assuming the tank temperature would go through some radical changes..say 50-100 degrees at least..left on the cold stainless steel base. :geek: It might be really tough to get consistent burns.
I got a pretty steady burn with a commercial coil one but I didn't add the shield and the temperature is 50 degrees warmer.I didn't have a pot on top either..therefore nothing to change the temperature while it was burning..burned even for over an hour or so..
I imagine if the pot was high enough above the stove(and no shield or raised shield above the stove itself,only around the pot),you'd get a more even burn also..excess heat not forced back down to the tank and coil.
Don't Primus( of them) or some other stove recommend placing the stove tank in your hand to prime the burner and get fuel to flow for priming?..can't remember which stove's instructions said to do colder climes.. :roll:
Let me post this first about placing burner in hand...the quote is from oops56:


Re: Coil stove movie

Postby oops56 » Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:49 pm

Start up quick little alcohol prime or just put hands around tank let a little out light that

I tried holding mine in my hand while it was burning and it made it go slightly lower flame. that was weird :? I put it back down onto the stainless steel and flame went back up. Maybe it was due to the level of fuel in the tank tilting and causing pressure to drop on the internal tubes.

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