Sapparo cook set

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Sapparo cook set

Postby lite hiker » Thu May 08, 2008 10:48 pm

Hi i am a new member and have been looking around at all the stove and ideas on this great site. Two links that caught my eye were the saparro pot and the Heineteen, Since i have more acces to sapparo cans thats what i made. It uses a saimple stove system as well. Here are some of the pictures of the stove and pot.

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Re: Sapparo cook set

Postby zelph » Fri May 09, 2008 10:45 am

Glad to have you here lite hiker. Wow, I must have been on vacation during the posting of the Saparro thread and never got caught up. That's a totally awsome looking can.

Looks even better with the srew on cap. Nice work there on both stove and pot. Thanks for the photos of your handy work.

I like the taper of it, flames and heat are forced to hug the can as they travel up the sides. Nature and design working on our side. :)

It's ok that it's made of steel. I've seen light weight Hieneken cans wrapped with heavy fiberglass wicking material that totally negates the lightness of the can. (anybody out there weighed the wrapped heineken and compared the difference to the unwrapped? and then compared it to a 2 cup capacity aluminum pot?)

I need to go out and look for that can. If I turn it upside down and open it from it's bottom it might turn out to be more stable with it's wider diameter. I may have a stove that will fit it.

Thanks for being here and bringing up the Sapparo.

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