"Venetian" wedding tin pot stand 07/10/2006

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"Venetian" wedding tin pot stand 07/10/2006

Postby zelph » Fri Aug 24, 2007 1:29 pm

Used 1 inch wide aluminum venetian blind material

Pop riveted the pieces to a wedding tin to make it have it's embedded pot stand

One wedding favor tin, some wick material, one complete stove!!!

Used fiberglass cloth for the wick

2 cups water boiled using 1/2 ounce denatured alcohol

Water temp 70 degrees, boil time 16 min. continued to burn for additional 4 min. = 20 min. total burn time.

Makes a good slow cooker!!!!

Pot stand legs fold down for storage.

photo number one shows pot stand in down position

photo number two shows pot stand in up position


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