TC5 Ultralight Lightest Stove in Universe

Come check out a compilation of Zelph's stove designs.
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TC5 Ultralight Lightest Stove in Universe

Post by zelph » Fri Aug 24, 2007 3:14 pm

Burner weighs 1 gram

Pot stand weighs 4 grams

One nickle (U.S. currency) weighs 5 grams (3/16 of an ounce)(pictured)

It will boil 2 cups of water in 10 min. 15 sec.

1/2 ounce (15 ml.) of denatured alcohol used.

Test were performed under optimum conditions in kitchen.Pot used was a 5 1/2 diameter aluminum that has a max of 3 cups water.

70 degree air and water temperature.

Two tea candle containers were used to make stove. Holes drilled first,(one large and 8 small (pictured) then assembled.

I have given it a name "TC5" (Tea Candle 5 grams)

First Photo

Second Photo

Third Photo

Fourth Photo

Made this stove in January of 2006. Forgot about it until today while working on the Worlds Lightest, silly me

The main difference in burners of recent is the Spill Proof feature.

I modified a pair of pruning shears and used it to crimp around the tin to make it fit. Here are some photos:

This small of a stove is just a conversation piece. It is not practical for trail use. Too small, too fragile, requires too much prep work to use it, can easily spill fuel while filling and placing it.

Here are more photos showing use of T tins: presurised (not recommended) they tend to blow up nervous, pending uncertainty, will it blow?

You would be better of using just a plain tin with some fiberglass cloth in it like the photo shows. The second photo shows what the flame difference is when you use fiberglass cloth to wickitise it. Use enough and it will absorb the fuel and make it spill proof, makes for a more safe burner.

There is no trick photography here folks, wickitising works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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