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"VENOM" Power

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:45 pm
by zelph
I made a "Cobalt" style stove out of a Venom energy drink bottle.

Temperature in my garage today was 34 degrees. I had 2 cups of very cold, 34 degree, water in the pot. When I put the pot onto the stove it had no effect on the flame :o The pot is aluminum at 5.5 inches in diameter.(old school type ;) )
I had 20ml of fuel in the stove. It brought the water temp up to 200 degrees and then flame out. Starting temperature were at 34 degrees so that's not too shabby. ;)

The stove easily holds 4 ounces of fuel, great for melting lots and lots of snow for water.

The stove blooms in 35 seconds with out having to prime it via primer pan or wrapping yucky fiberglass wick around it like the White Box Stove and the Biose. This one is a user friendly stove. :D

Re: "VENOM" Power

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:18 pm
by zelph
just tinkering wrote:Nice stove, looks like you have a winner! Will the Cobalt stove nest in the Venom stove? Could be a good marketing angle there (people who buy nested pots can now buy stoves to match them) :lol: .
No, not large enough. Good thought, the nesting stove idea. The StarLyte stove fits inside. Two different style stoves, both not requiring a separate pot stand. The StarLyte has 1oz. fuel capacity and the Venom has 4oz.