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Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:05 am
by zelph
I did a fast walk thru and did not read labels :o All "moss" will be sent directly to you....even the worn out ones :mrgreen:

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:03 pm
by realityguy
If you see MOSS labels on tents..don't think about it..just BUY IT.More than likely you'll make 1000% profit or more reselling it..I figure my Cricket is worth.. :roll: ..oh..maybe 60 times what I paid for it.. :shock: :lol:

I don't mind worn out ones either.. ;) ..make nice patterns/parts for new copies.. :mrgreen: ..I'd really like a Solus 2.. :roll: ..they look like a spaceship has just landed,especially at night with a light inside.. :shock:

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:01 am
by ConnieD
I can't believe I just read Missoula, MT and "NineMile" have a "Stage II fire warning" showing a fire danger guage sign "Extreme Danger" and allow LP or propane stoves with ON/OFF.

Ain't them gov'ment bureau-rats just genius!

Meanwhile, I have a severe "air quality" alert: stay in your home - do not to go outdoors. No exertion.

BUT, I can have my ON/OFF camp stove while out camping.

Here I am, eyes watering and eyes burning, at the same time, difficulty breating with no exertion, particulate matter taken up as much as possible by the giant ionizer I happen to have from living in the city and I have that giant ionizer next to my bed. I have sealed off all the ways smoke can get in the house.

My throat is burning, although I have my head under my quilt. I am mouth breathing because I have labored breathing.

I have groceries. I look at the map to see where I might drive to get away from smoke inhalation.

BUT, I can have my LP or propane ON/OFF camp stove while out camping.

Did you read the President of the United States has declared a state of emergency in Washington State. Idaho has more wild fires. Let it burn, right? It is only that greenery that makes the oxygen we breathe. Not to mention, burning up greenery in Oregon, Montana and California.

But we say "let the government take care of it" - that is what the government is for, right?

The government knows what is right for the country.

The government has forest "stewardship" that "studies" diseased trees rather than cut them down, cover with plastic, and, use the lumber and the government has policy not to "thin" new growth trees so choked together the fires burn so hot there are no more "smoke jumpers" and there are no forest fire-fighters: they don't fight forest fires or cut fire lines with small equipment or with heavy equipment. They set explosives, here, in Glacier National Park, Montana. In the southern portion of the park on Highway 2 there is 14,000 acres forest fire with ZERO containment. Highway 2 is CLOSED. That forest fire "might" affect the northern route of the transcontinental trail for freight.

Meanwhile, the brave "incident 1 fire manager" is protecting the campgrounds and tour boat for income from Glacier National Park, Montana "world heritage site" beauty - that is burnt to charred remains.

There will be tours, with "summer hire" dressed in "park ranger" clothing to tell us "it is all a natural process".

Last time I heard that "line" from "summer hire" dressed in "park ranger" clothing, I said, "people are part of nature - people cut diseased trees for firewood - people also cut little trees to allow the growth of the bigger trees in the forest".

It is called stewardship of the land.

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:28 am
by zelph
The government is supposedly bringing in firefighters from other countries to help with this devastating situation.

Does this all go back to global warming, weather pattern changes? Washington State has never had this problem before....right?

Do we have enough money directed in the right places to hire qualified people to clear under brush from forests? We the people always say no more tax increases ;) We have millions of acres of forests throughout the western states.

The fires will eventually come to a halt and the land will heal but the scars will remain. There will be talk about the action that is necessary in the future, higher state taxes for fire fighters and forestry management ;)

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:58 am
by ConnieD
We have the Blackfeet Indian "Hotshots" right here.

The "Incident 1" fire manager brought in will not allow them to do their job. Period.

We have had the famous Missoula "Smoke Jumper" school disbanded because firewood permits were no longer allowed. It was the firewood permits, private and commercial, of designated diameter "trees" on designated areas only, thinned fast growth and "too much underbrush" that allowed "Smoke Jumpers" and forest fire fighters to be effective.

In Montana, we had a law that "everyone" carry forest fire fighting equipment in their vehicle, at all times, to be ready to assist in forest fire fighting, heavy equipment operators on call.

I was in Missoula, my mother on a U.S. Forest Service job hire in satellite imagry, during a forest fire.

Old men and small children were exempt from forest fire fighting. Missoula emptied out, everyone was a forest fire fighter or forest fire fighter support. There were no men, no women, no police, no mail delivery. If you wanted your mail, you walked to the U.S. Post Office.

I did.

Now, the Montana State Governor declared a "fire emergency".

What is that? It beings in Federal Money. The federal Incident 1 fire manager, here, will spend it on his cronies as he has been.

What changed? Not money.

What changed? Policy.

What? Federal policy.

Money had nothing to do with it. There was no lawsuits.

The only "question" was the federal regulator, who had those "smoke jumpers" in there to be killed.

Glacier National Park has become a "private hunting preserve" of endangered species for "Washington insiders". Hiw do I know? It was "hired" right in front of me: I turned it in to the head Ranger.

Since, I have been "tarred with a brush" and my "reputation" ruined.

We are better people than Washington, DC "trash". The only "trickle down" from Washington DC is putting their criminals in office high and low. They are gutting this country, the U.N. organizations in Chicago financing the last "presidential election.

Your stoves will not spill out fuel, if upturned. No ON/OFF switch, not LP or propane.

Nevertheless, the "government rules and regulations" are by fiat, not by what works and what does not: all my life, High Danger" fire danger meant "no fires".

Not now, "go camping". Keep the parks open.

We have a stay indoor order for children, elderly, heart patients and any history of lung injury practically statewide. No, the water parks and "play parks" are open for business and staffed under threat of losing their job. This would be "public parks". The "official" commented, ut is up to the parents to decide if they want their children to play outdoors."

The play park and the water park are OPEN.

Money? The only consideration about money: income.

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:13 pm
by Pnw.hiker
I've been camping in N. California. Lots of fires. HY 36 closed. Helicopters filling up right near my campsite in Smith River, and big jets overhead carrying retardants.

Didn't make my new campsite lastnight because of closed roads. Had to sleep in a parking lot in my car.

Been going cookless this trip. P&J sandwiches, crackers and cheese, raw broccoli, canned artichoke hearts ...

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:34 pm
by zelph
Now is the time to practice "no cook" meals for all outdoor recreation in western states :idea: :D

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:53 pm
by realityguy
Don't need a stove...Here in Washington we have so many wildfires that all you have to do is prep yer meal in the in and throw it on a wildfire..and haul A$$ back out...meal long as you can eat it while running!
Yesterday the wind shifted,blowing west..and Seattle looked worse than LA on their worst couldn't even see mountains!We drove to Issaquah at the foot of the mountains and you still couldn't see the Cascades..The smoke has got to be unbearable in eastern Washington...Last night the wind shifted the other way so all we are getting now is the Olympic National Park fire that has been burning for an inaccessible area...
Sounds like we've got some Kiwi and Aussie firefighters showing up here to help fight the blazes...(coughing smilie here).

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:14 pm
by zelph
What or who is starting all the fires? I don't keep abreast of the fires out there, been too busy :o :lol:

I can only think that it's careless smokers flipping cigarette butts out truck and car windows. That's my 2 cents worth 8-)

the blazes...(coughing smilie here).
cute!!! I like it ;)

Re: New Alcohol Stove with shut-off valve

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:42 pm
by realityguy
Things are so hot and dry for so long that it can be anything..mostly lightning strikes starting new ones lately.The east side has been getting 100+ degree days almost errant clear bottle and magnification of the sun could even start fires..200 homes lost so far...3 firemen have died..couple others injured..Several fires going and strong winds make them larger...
Most of eastern Washington is plains with dry grass,crop fields, and some forest closer to the mountains...
This weekend the weather is supposed to cool down some..and some rain might even hit the east side..but more thunder and lightning also...
Watch the price of apples go up..they've lost orchards..a full warehouse of apples,all the bins and equipment went up in smoke...They are still evacuating full towns..

Fire(s) status..(see "causes")