Tea Candle Tin with fiberglas wick

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Tea Candle Tin with fiberglas wick

Postby zelph » Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:13 am

Did a little tinkering with making a burner using a tea candle holder. These pictures show that adding a small wick around the inside of the container and raising it approx. ½ inch above the rim makes a big difference in the amount flame produced. Fuel used was denatured alcohol. I used an empty candle holder as a lid to cover the wick, worked super, small, compact,microlite burner for gram counters.

The more wick that sticks up above the rim of the tin will cause a hotter burn whick decreases boil time.


The wick is made of fiberglass cloth from the automotive supply store.

This is a little demo showing how the fiberglass makes a big difference in stove building.

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