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Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:37 pm
by sudden
It's that time of year again :geek:
Through various studies the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Defense (DoD) developed what is termed the DoD Repellent System. The DoD Repellent System is comprised of two different types of barriers. There are only two chemicals approved for use in the DoD protection system. When used together, they provide nearly 100% protection from ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas and other marauding insects. Both of these repellents are approved by the CDC and by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They are N-diethyl-meta-toluamide more commonly known as DEET and Permethrin.

The use and application method of both agents is different and to be effective must be used in combination with each other. DEET is a repellent and Permethrin is an insecticide.

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:32 pm
by Ridgerunner
I have had great sucess using Permethrin for spring and fall hunting. Spray the outside of all your external clothing and I rarely even see a tick, even sitting on the ground. The application will last for a few weeks. I use the Sawyer brand. Meijers must have heard how lethal it was and clearanced all their product a year ago. I think I bought six aerasol cans. ;)

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:41 pm
by ConnieD
I discovered a tick removal tool from O'TOM in France.

I ordered one, got two (one larger size and one smaller size). It arrived promptly.

They are available online and in countries all over the world.

It works very well, the mouth parts are retracted when circular motion is applied by slowly twirling the O'TOM tick removal tool. It is better than any tick removal I have previously tried.

Also good for pets.

Google: O'TOM tick remover, to get more information and videos of their use.

I am in Montana, so please don't say I don't know tick "remedies".

The ticks in the Bitterroot Mountains, in Montana, have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks in some other places have Lyme's Disease. It was rumored there is no cure for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. There seems to be no efficacious cure for Lyme's Disease.

Ticks are why I wear bicycle tights for hiking and stretch gaiters at my ankles.

If I go thru tall grass, overhanging brush, or branches, I immediately inspect so I can brush them off.

I do not allow them time to crawl around.

If some little time goes by, it is necessary to have someone else look everywhere. Everywhere.

I AVOID the worst tick places, and, the "tick season" at specific locales.

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:49 pm
by JollyRogers
A buddy and I went hiking when it warmed up on Sunday. We set a record high of 80 degrees for April 3rd. I mentioned to my buddy that we would need to check for ticks. Although it was till early in the season I told him that I start checking for ticks any time after it hits 70 degrees in Iowa.

Sure enough, when we returned to the car I had 2 crawling on my shirt. The dog and my buddy were tick free.

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:59 pm
by zelph
No ticks for me and my wife this past week while down in the National Forest "Shawnee" We use full strength deet to repel. Stuff our pant legs into our socks and spray liberally with repellent. Check each other visually periodically above waist front and back.

No ticks, but too many timber rattlers coming out of hibernation to go on the trails that we planned to go on. We did not see them, but were warned that they are emerging from their dens in large numbers. DNR guys personally stopped us and gave the warning. I said: You can count on me not to go on those trails, I'm no hero!!!! :mrgreen:

Wood ticks are easy to see, the tiny deer tick is not. Be carefull.!!!!!

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:05 am
by sudden
Found a video on the o'tom

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:15 pm
by zelph
Very instructive and clearly shows removal. Thanks Sudden, my wife and I watched it twice.

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:18 pm
by Ridgerunner
I wonder if those are available locally? Great idea! I hate when you try to pull an imbedded one off and end up with a mark for 6 months :evil:

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:34 am
by sudden

I ordered a set from the manufacturer for ~$6 plus free shipping.

Re: Tick and Mosquito Protection

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:46 pm
by ConnieD
I "googled" and found they are sold online, more locally. But O'TOM was very fast.

The tick is not exactly "pulled off" ...rather, somewhat "spun out" but not too forcefully.

I check frequently, so I brush them off. If one started, I would get it right away. But, as I said, I wear bicycling nylon long pants and simBLISSity elastic nylon breathable ankle gaiters. I also wear a fisherman-style breatable long sleeve shirt, or, more often I wear a long sleeve zip mock t-neck silk weight first layer as my top. I wear a hat. I often wear a boonie hat.

I did remove an engorged tick off a dog. It was easy. I looked closely, there appeared to be no damage to the dog's skin.