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Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Sun May 13, 2012 10:52 am
by ConnieD
For that matter, practically everyone forgets the Russians helped win WWII.

What bothered me the most was the rude comments toward tourists. I answered a question about directions. They made rude comments. I think I learned more four-letter words and expressions of contempt than anything else in the French language.

The only remark made directly toward me happened in a truly expensive restaurant: "What are you doing here with that american b-tch"? We had just sat down. I hadn't said anything. The fact is, I was in France for the sake of the young man's mother. I had got the young man a good job. He asked me to go over to France to bring personal news of him "for his mother's sake". How he was doing? How he dressed? Did he have a motorcycle? Like that.

I will never be a good traveler. I hate hate: ironic remark, but true.

There is too much hate to travel at considerable expense to experience it. I can get it right here, without spending my savings.

In UK, it wasn't much better. If someone thought I was a Canadian, I had a good time. The moment they thought I was an american, I got frozen stares or looking away.

The irony was I was asked to go there. I went as a favor to the memory of a young man who had died, who was an Associate of the convent. He asked me, to see if I could help.

The Sister-in-charge of the printing of the red and black Priest's Missal and, especially, of Sarum Plainsong using hundreds of year old type fonts, had died. Apparently, they were a "silent order". It was a Church of England religious order but the Missals were printed for R.C. and Orthodox, as well, I guess. Anyway, it was important their work continue.

As it turned out, I was allowed to speak to anyone and they could speak to me. I did the best I could after-the-fact.

That religious order, actually, is the source of Sarum Plainsong.

I guess, I am saying, I wasn't an ordinary tourist. But I saw "tourists" like me, who saved up their money, and were not "rich". It was, for them, their big adventure.

In San Francisco, I really enjoyed showing tourists and travelers hospitality. Is that becomming a "lost" art?

I can tell you the hospitality I did experience, as a guest, in UK and in France was more than appreciated. People in different nations have different ways of doing things, including their hospitality, that makes any problem of "foreign travel" a worthwhile experience.

I think there is no substitute for the experience of "foreign travel". At least once.

Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Mon May 14, 2012 12:41 am
by zelph
It's interesting that you couldn't spot an American in the hotel. They usually stand out like sore thumbs :mrgreen:

Many American military stationed in France, where I was, felt as if they were "better than" the local residents. I saw it first hand in the group I worked with. I signed up for a class to learn French so I could kinda blend in with the locals. :P Yeah right :lol: me with my shiny military style shoes, short hair cut and American clothes. They could spot us a mile away :lol: Never got to take the French class....DeGaulle ordered all US military out of France...kicked us out he did :roll: I was stationed with a Medical Headquarters Company in Orleans, France. We were the last to leave. Medical assistance was required till all troops were out of the country.

Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Mon May 14, 2012 1:01 am
by ConnieD
I didn't stay in a hotel.

In Iceland and in France, or England, as well, I didn't see other americans.

I only saw americans on the boat-train to Paris, from England. Everyone goes up on deck. You meet other travelers. You get information about travel. You get information about good prices or favorable rate of exchange and purchasing power of the local currency. You get information about safety. It was recommended I take the boat-train for that reason.

On the return trip, the family that I stayed with changed my ticket to First Class Sleeper Car so I could stay inside the train to sleep on the way back up to the airport, in UK, to get back home. I know I appreciated that!

By the way, Iceland is so beautiful I wish I could have stayed there more.

Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 3:13 pm
by zelph
ConnieD wrote: By the way, Iceland is so beautiful I wish I could have stayed there more.
I can see why you say that after I viewed some google photos of the country. Take a look at them: ... 38&bih=844

Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 6:29 pm
by ConnieD
I would like to be the photographer that "got" the range of light and color in Iceland.

The people were, as a whole, beautiful. I would like to photograph faces.

As for the landscape, I would need to spend four seasons in Iceland to begin.

HDR photography is an approximation of the range of light and color. It would have to be selected in 1/3 f-stop increments using different balanced brands of film, I believe, to "get" the light and color I saw. I think digital photography might help after film: I have not seen a digital back "get" all the nuances of different brand names of film.

Even the lava fields on the bus ride between Reykjavik and Keflavik were so exceptionally beautiful, in May, I would like to see that in other seasons of the year. I am saying everything had exceptional beauty, in that color and light. Not only, the color and light, but the landscape itself carries its own striking beauty.

The natural elements, themselves, were so beautiful.

I have never seen crystalware so water crystal beautiful. I still have my grizzled-grey Icelandic wool sweater.

I have heard the salmon fishing is exceptional. I would love to try it, or, at least go along with others.

Icelandic cod has to be the best cod in the entire world. The oil and texture are perfection, in frozen fillets, for fish and chips. I didn't get to try other dishes or sample cuisine more. I was offered every preparation of herring, at breakfast, at the NATO hotel. I did not get to eat in town, or, in someone's home. I did have tea at the airport. That's it.

Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 10:35 pm
by zelph
I found all countries beautiful that I had visited. Spain, France, Germany, England, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. All beautiful and friendly people. Glad I had the military experience to visit them. I did return once to England and Sweden on a business trip 8 years ago. I have too many great memories and stories. I have a 4 inch thick photo album that recorded memorable moments.

It was good you had the opportunity to visit Iceland. Nothing can take away the memories. :D thanks for sharing your experiences ;)

Re: Video Article about world wide hiking

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 12:04 pm
by ConnieD
I felt that way about UK, because I was in the rural countryside, and, France, when I was in the rural countryside.

But the "culture shock" hit me in rural western France.

I am thinking, there is much to love about Iceland and about travel. But would I experience the same effect?

I know I am not a world traveler like my international travel friends.

Their advice: if you can stay out of your country two months, and you are okay with that, you are a good traveler.

I admire that woman traveling, as she does, at the original post of this thread.

I admire travelers.

I spend time reading their blogs and their books. I used to regularly purchase Lonely Planet and other travel books. I'd purchase maps. I would pack and repack for travel.

But I am thinking a first-time traveler might schedule up to five weeks with a flexible schedule, or, no schedule, so they can get back home at any time they hit the bonk, if they find out they are not a good traveler.

I would say, purchase an open ticket.