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Re: Cuben material and backpacking

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:51 pm
by Ridgerunner
It would be super nice if my wife would sew a teepee for me.
Maybe she will read this and realize what a wonderful partner she is married to and take on the project knowing how pleased and happy you would be if she whipped one together for the both of you ;) thus making you a truly blessed man to have such a wonderful wife :D

Re: Cuben material and backpacking

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:43 am
by zelph
ConnieD wrote:I think that cat had never been outdoors, previously, in his life. He was obviously well cared for.

That photo was his first day.

I brushed him and got this photo. He is huge, a really big house cat.

I also got a full face photo. I used both photos for broadsides for the Post Office and restaurant.

By the time he left me, he had put on more weight. I had felt he had lost some weight in the extreme cold and fright of being outdoors and friendless. He could stand a little more weight.

He did seem to understand he needed to be with a man who had hearing loss.

I already ordered my Starlyte.

Since freezing weather is forecast, you definitely should do something indoors -- unless you want to do a video on melting snow. How about three trials comparison boil times of all your model stoves outside in freezing weather? :D
I'll be burning wood every day. :D That's what campgrounds are for ;) I'll be looking for some cedar trees to hang my hammocks to see which I like best. Got to consider taking my newly accuired canoe purchased at a garage sale last fall. The campground has a small lake.

RR, I'll scope out the facilities to see if I can bring in my commercial machine. They have some interesting looking storage facilities for RV's that look big enough to make a work shop in :o