Radioactive Lenses - Didn't know that

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Radioactive Lenses - Didn't know that

Post by sudden » Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:57 pm

Found this video today. Interesting diy fix. I had no idea they used a radioactive coating back in the day. connied, realityguy, is this true?

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Re: Radioactive Lenses - Didn't know that

Post by realityguy » Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:20 pm

I've never heard of those problems,in "coatings".I pretty much used all Takumar lenses(Asahi pentax and Honeywell pentax cameras... before meters) exclusively back in the 70s in Hawaii without any problems.I don't have cancerous eyeballs or other weird things you'd think would come out of radioactive items. :o
It would have been more interesting if he would have taken the same shot of the same time in the same light conditions before and after his elimination of the yellow tint.
I mostly used a 35mm takumar lens in my daily "tour guide" business,taking tourists around the islands,shooting a roll of film or two on each trip of the people on the tour and what they saw during the trip.At the end of the day,I handed them the rolls of film for developing when they returned home.All of them thought the pictures were great..most refering them as "better than the postcards they could have bought..and some even returned for future tours on future trips in later years.
I had no complaints about yellow tints in the pictures.
There were some lenses in earlier years that had some radioactive ingredients in the glass of the earlier large format lenses,but I don't think it was ever enough to affect any user.I don't recall offhand which brand and lenses had the problems.

I probably have 2-3 of the lenses listed..EDIT..Looking again at the list..I may only have the 101mm Ektar on a speed graphic..I no longer have the others.but one might be an unmarked Aero-Ektar..I've got lots of lenses yet but sold a LOT of camera..figure several hundred cameras over the last ten years,mostly on ebay.I have another 30-40 I have to sell but i don't think any of them are listed...or lenses,other than mentioned above. ... ated_glass

I don't sleep over my cameras.. ... ektar.html
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Re: Radioactive Lenses - Didn't know that

Post by zelph » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:22 pm

Oh Oh!!!! clocks with radium dials and numbers will have to be cleaned off vintage varieties :o

They say the women that painted the radium on with a brush that they moistened every once in a while with their mouths to make the tip of the brush nice and pointy.........and then they died..........true facts ;)

Thanks sudden for the interest stuff :D

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