Another Way to Carry Dry Condiments.

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Re: Another Way to Carry Dry Condiments.

Post by Allen » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:08 am

Pure Mahem wrote:Oldy but a goody! Couple other options are you can use a heat sealer and put anything you want in them. Olive oil, clorox, honey, clotting powder, hot sauce, etc. etc. if you do a bunch I would suggest a clear labeling system i would not want to mix up bleach with olive oil. Put 4 drops of bleach in a little piece of straw and seal and your ready to treat 1 liter/quart of water for drinking, just let it sit for half an hour and your ready to go! Maybe some hot pink for the bleach and use some really big McDonald's Straws for Olive oil.

Idea as long as you could heat seal it with out catching the cotton on fire you could have yourself a water proof tinder source. Same thought with some magnesium powder, That one may be a little tricky better seal that outside away from flamables and properties, lol! :mrgreen:
Hi Pure!

What bag sealer are You using?

My attempts with a Teflon coated Clothes iron, and a bag sealer from Northern Tool were unsuccessful. :(

I wanted to put bleach in the straw pieces. I use empty Pop Ice tubes for most other things.


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