Ethanol Production

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Ethanol Production

Post by zelph » Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:22 pm

Corn groweres here in the midwest are having a record yield this year. Increases are due to increased interest in use as an automotive fuel. Corn being the grain used to make the ethanol.

Many newly built ethenol plants are in high production and I suspect their production will not decrease to keep up with demand.

Do you think the increase in ethanol production will decrease the $ amount we will have to pay for a gallon of denatured alcohol that we use for our stoves. I'm coming close to the bottom of my 7th gallon. I might do a google to see if it'savailable in 5 gal. containers. I may go that route :D I might look locally for a moonshiner :D

E85 is available locally at $1.80 per gal. How can we convert it to burnable stove fuel :?: How do we get rid of the bad 15 percent gasoline :?: :idea:

Some info on ethanol:

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