Price of Heet

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Re: Price of Heet

Post by zelph » Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:44 pm

beemerphill wrote:This is not a reference to the price of Heet, but a comment in general about storing for emergencies. A couple of years back I went through several "just in case" bags and boxes. Most of the matches were over twenty years old, and over half of them did not work. Many of the plastic bottles and bags that were used for storage were not serviceable either. This got me to thinking about what else I had stored away may have deteriorated with age. It is surprising what will not be good when it is most needed. It might be a good idea to go through the bag of survival goodies that is in your truck, behind the couch, in the top of the closet, or wherever you thought would be a good place to keep them for "that day". Many items that one would assume were good for long term storage might let you down when most needed. A couple of MREs that I have had for like ten years were still safe to eat but were not as good as when they were new. I ended up throwing them away. From now on I will check items like this on a regular basis. It doesn't pay to store for an emergency if the items stored will not perform as they should.
It certainly was an eye opener and good advice to check items stored for emergency use.

I have found #10 cans of dehydrated meat chunk food products (chicken/beef) had accuired an unpleasant taste :(

Electronic devices were found to have leaky batteries.

Plastic totes become brittle over time and crack when trying to lift off a shelf.

Matches are notorious for deteriorating over time if not well protected.

Thanks again Beemerphil for the heads-up.

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Re: Price of Heet

Post by realityguy » Thu May 09, 2019 3:31 pm

Hi Guys!..yeah..been awhile..I'm going through my shop and garage and have a large stock(2 dozen?) of heet bottles(and "Splash"..a knock off from goodwill at 50cents apiece) from several years ago..seem to work fine and haven't seemed to lose anything for volume.I wanted to show a friend one of the old Sheba can stoves I made and how it worked..It worked fine also.Going through camping and hiking gear,I've run across other items that have gone bad or corrosion on battery terminals that haven't been used in 5-10 I understand what you are saying and will be double checking everything before I get out in the field again...
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