If The Shoe Fits

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Re: If The Shoe Fits

Post by zelph » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:08 pm

Crepes are always better with jam than with feet.
I had a bad thought when I read that :mrgreen: "toe jam" :lol: Crepes and toe jam Yukkkk :shock:
I highly recommend the "fit" comparison tool on runningwarehouse.com.
Now you have good reason to buy new shoes monthly online. You'll be in competition with your wife. Women are know to have a large collection of shoes as seen in movies ;)

Thanks for finding out about the "fit" comparison. Hopefully many folks watching this site will benefit from your efforts. Thanks shakeylegs!the guy with the shoes that fit :D

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Re: If The Shoe Fits

Post by shakeylegs » Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:47 am

Toest & Jam - what could be more normal?
Women are know to have a large collection of shoes as seen in movies
Movies my patootie! I live that screen play. I've paid less for cars than my wife can spend on a pair of shoes. Any time I want to pick up some gear and start to feel guilty, I don't have to think far back to the last pair of Prada or Miu Miu's. But I don't begrudge her weakness. We've all got one or another. And I should talk. I don't throw a thing away. I've still got a pair of florsheim loafers that I wore in my teens :shock: You can imagine how many pair I've collected over the last 45 years. The closet is bursting.


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Re: If The Shoe Fits

Post by realityguy » Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:19 am

Well, the shoe fits!
My Inov-8's arrived today and fit is perfection. Rare on these hard to fit feet. I highly recommend the "fit" comparison tool on runningwarehouse.com. It was right on.
I suggest you buy another pair before the price goes up..Danner works with the standard brannock shoe system so you can get your feet measured at a local store with one of those and order boots..but expensive ones..

I'm like Ridgerunner;buy cheap where I can..and try them on..The last "happy feet" boots I've bought and still wear are Montrails from Grocery Outlet at $29.99..Some shoe store had some kind of display-closeout or something.I bought another pair of Danners with them.I love it when you buy things at Grocery Outlet because they give you a "BS savings" from retail on your receipt..I saved $300 that day buying two pairs of shoes,spending $65.My wife hasn't been able to top my savings.. :lol:
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Re: If The Shoe Fits

Post by shakeylegs » Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:22 pm

I suggest you buy another pair
Hi realityguy,
I love bargains too.
This was a one of a kind deal - I had the last pair of these shoes in my shopping cart for several days. I had literally just finished my research and decided to purchase the shoes - 6pm's price was already about half off. I was reviewing my cart and before my eyes 6pm lowered the price from around $60 to $39. I watched the price change on screen.

When I saw that I pulled the trigger before someone else snagged them. So only one chance at this deal. I'm guessing these shoes are being discontinued so maybe I'll find more elsewhere. In my research I learned that the sticky rubber soles of the inov-8's are short lived compared to harder vibram-like soles. And that perhaps the shoes need to be replaced more frequently. But most everyone raves about the comfort, fit and function of the various Inov-8s.

I too like the Montrail line - I've got a goretex pair of Hardrock's for sierra early season snow fields and run-off. They are not a perfect fit. But they don't cause blisters and they are quite functional even if they are a bit heavier than I like. I've moved progressively lighter with each new pair of shoes over the last 15 years. Made possible of course by the ultralight approach of gear makers.
"BS savings" from retail
This always makes me laugh too. Safeway is our regional supermarket giant and they do the same thing. Every time I buy anything, a baby ruth bar, I save "$71 dollars". And the cashiers seem to believe it. No way they would give away that much profit. Supermarkets operate on thing margins - I'm told in the neighborhood of 1 - 2 percent. How do they do it? VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME

Makes you wonder about retail prices in general. Think about an outlet like sierra trading post. A great store with great service. Their prices are pretty good as is, and they often send 30% to 45% off offers. I've got things in my shopping cart right now just waiting for the right discount to come along. If they can make money on seriously discounted merchandise what is the actual cost of goods?

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