How to Store Ceramic Fiber Board

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How to Store Ceramic Fiber Board

Post by stellali121 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:13 am

Ceramic fiber board is a high-strength refractory fiber board made of ceramic fiber. It is an essential high temperature refractory material. Ceramic fiber board must be stored properly to fulfill its high temperature properties.

Ceramic fiber board is made of ceramic fiber cotton by vacuum forming. It has tough texture, high strength, superior high temperature performance, excellent support force, good tensile strength and impact resistance. Its strength is better than the fiber blanket and vacuum formed felt. It will be gathered together when contact with water and its hardness will be decreased. In this case, it is easy to fall off when touched. So, waterproofing is very important for the storage of ceramic fiber board.

Ceramic fiber board should be stored in dry circumstances with no water and moisture. The building should be watertight and kept dry. Ceramic fiber board should have waterproof plastic film inside and be covered with cartons and placed on the ground with pallets. It should be placed on pallets without contact with the ground, at least 20 mm away from the ground. In the rain season, ceramic fiber products should be covered with a waterproof canvas. Pay attention to water leakage if it is stored in iron house.

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Re: How to Store Ceramic Fiber Board

Post by zelph » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:12 pm

Pay attention to water leakage if it is stored in iron house.
Iron houses are far and few between ;)

What can we use Ceramic Fiber Board for?

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