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Re: Another year at Bplite

Post by realityguy » Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:21 pm

Actually..the salmon and steelhead fishing seasons have been so iffy(we can fish..or not?)the last 10-15 years..that I quit buying the $65+ licenses needed to do so.Yes..i do have the senior pass for the national parks..but the fishing is restricted for "keeping" almost everywhere except the far back country that I can no longer get to..Hopefully this year we'll get in some more hiking..if my knees will allow it to happen.
Buying salmon or ridiculous also..most is farm-raised..which tastes like mud..Puget Sound bottom fishing is pretty much non-existent anymore also..limits and seasons are down to almost nothing and not worth dragging a boat out...Crabbing in Puget Sound,walking close to shore, doesn't work any more due to all the NA pots being set every 100 yards for miles in all the better areas...let alone paying 5 times for licenses for getting nothing compared to when it was good and worthwhile to go.
RR..I've never been interested in bluegill,crappie,and other small gamefish.I was spoiled years ago between fishing here and in Alaska for ANYTHING under 3lbs or so...Small mountain stream/lake trout..say flyfishing..I'd be interested..but I just don't get up there any more.I think the ONP is catch and release only..??..and I don't think they let you keep anything on the coast portion also..within park boundaries.
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Re: Another year at Bplite

Post by zelph » Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:47 pm

There is a report on of a guy who did a 3 month stint on Admiralty Island off the coast of Alaska. He said he used jigs to catch flounder. I was led to believe he was catching them from shore. Does that sound right? He had his gear flown in by bush plane. 2 items were a pressure canner and quart glass canning jars. His stay there was a survivalist thing. He had taken only salt and pepper with him to season his food. Survived on berries, crab, fish and deer meat. He canned his catches with the pressure cooker. Evidently the rain puts a damper on cooking fires :roll: He had an electric fence around his tent and food cache to protect it when he was away from camp.

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