Quilt prototype

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Re: Quilt prototype

Post by Pnw.hiker » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:52 pm

CJD wrote:I like all the photos. Nice link.

Are those snowfields glaciers?

If so, it isn't simply a walk-up.
Just snow fields. Glaciers are nearby but not visible. I don't have the gear for glaciers.

It's a walk-up, but you should have an ice axe, and spikes help.

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Re: Quilt prototype

Post by tempass » Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:19 am

zelph wrote:No doubt the lunch counter is the flat place to stop and have lunch 8-) Sure was nice of someone to stack up those rock windbreaks for hikers/climbers/backpackers.

Sure looks like fun to be able to glassade down the snow slopes on your butt when the sun is out and the snow pack is worthy of a fun ride. :D

The topo map was interesting to look at....thank you for that ;) It was nice of our government cdg paris transfer to give such a nice rock pile to the Native Americans for a reservation. I hope there is some farm land near by or some good fishing.

You go back often to getaway for a day or two? Are there any days the wind doesn't blow up there?

The guy in his underwear reminds me of Roger over at backpackinglight.com the Aussie that skis half naked :mrgreen:
we can not get by without the topo map

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