Practical Camping and Ideology

Backpacking is more than just about gear. Here's a forum to talk about the "philosophy" of lightweight backpacking.
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Practical Camping and Ideology

Post by JesterJosev » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:40 pm

realityguy wrote:There is a point where ultralight just doesn't cut it.
"Realityguy, got right to the point. I would like to flesh out the concept that there difference between ideological camping and practical camping, how camping is supposed to work and how it works in the real world. Ideology is an interesting word, and I like to think of it as a package of ideas that modify whatever you’re thinking about. So if we are talking about camping, depending on the persons ideology they may see camping a different way than someone else.

From the research I have done online I’ve seen many different ideology of camping. I’m the first to admit that I’m no authority on the various styles of camping out there. These are my personal observation, and I try to keep an open mind with reference to other people’s opinions. Here are but a few camping ideologies that I ‘am aware of.

- Ultralight: The idea here is that light weight camping gear contributes to a safer and overall more enjoyable camping experience. Currently this is a popular idea among backpackers. Practitioners maintain that with proper planning this method of camping is safe, but critics have shown concern that safety and comfort may be overshadowed in the pursuit of weight loss.

- Prepper: The idea here is through preparation people can survive disasters. Preppers may turn to “bug out” scenarios where they leave the disaster area, and move to a new camp destination. Although proper preparation is important for most people, critical popular culture shows like Doomsday Preppers portray some preppers as disproportionally fixated on prepping.

- Bushcraft: Sustainability is important to the bushcraft camper. The combination of wilderness knowledge and being skilled with reliable tools allows the bushcraft camper to sustain him/herself while camping. Critics recognize that while bushcraft skills are valuable and can help campers to be successful in the wilderness, nature can be cruel.

- Recreational Vehicle (RV): RV camping centers around convenience. Vehicles support the camper allowing for access to nature and familiar conveniences. RVs can be driven to public or private locations that feature conveniences RV campers’ value. Critics of RV camping can be concerned about the environmental impact of operating large machinery in sensitive environments.

It could be fair to say that various forms of ideological camping can benefit the practitioners, but there are potential issues that remain.

The practical camper on the other hand “hikes their own hike”, and doesn’t rely so much upon complete packages of ideas. The practical camper keeps an eye on pack weight but, knows that certain heavier items may be worth their weight. The practical camper may prepare for bad situations, but keeps efforts within reason. The practical camper is well learned in wilderness survival and good tools, and consequently is wise in ambition. The practical camper makes good use of conveniences, but doesn’t lose sight of nature. The practical camper is rooted in reality, critical yet constructive and adaptive to whatever situation arises. Practical camping is less rooted in a package of ideas, but rather a method of analysing idas and developing a custom answer for each campers personal needs."
edit: I think I got most of this info from wikipedia. I've been deleting links to companies that don't like them being posted.
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Re: Practical Camping and Ideology

Post by zelph » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:39 pm

Well said!

I wonder what the percentages are of "practical campers" versus "weekend warrriors" (not the Military type) ;)

I think of "preppers" as people with guns and machettis. folks out there thinking the sh***t is going to hit the fan as in civil war. We can invision large cities filled with preppers running to the country sides hunting rabbits and othe wild animals. Won't take long to cause a lot of animals to go "extint" :o

A 72 hour emergency kit will get you through most of the common natural disasters.

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