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Re: couple of metal questions

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:00 pm
by Vibe
Can't help you much on the titanium - all I know about the stuff is that it is it's own beast to work with, as far as regular type machining goes. You will loose some "rollability" with the double thick edges, but maybe not too much, depends if 1/2 as tight and twice thre rolled diameter would be "too much" or not. The wire mesh is another story. You can weld it using a Oxy-Acetylene rig, or you can braze it using brass or copper with a Mapp gas outfit. A small diameter Mig wire might work, but I doubt that your big arc welder would go down low enough to keep from blowing up a 1/16" rod, though you might be able to add some resistance to the system and do it - but you'd have to keep the duty cycle pretty low.