November Entry # 1 for Skids

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Re: November Entry # 1 for Skids

Post by zelph » Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:14 pm

Ridgerunner wrote:Skids, does the annodized gold container just act as a pot stand? Sharp looking!

Whoooa Zelph......after reviewing some post lately, maybe on another site, something was said about 180 degree starting H2O temps :lol:
P.S. The local Ace had no gasket material whatsoever
Zelph, not sure what kind of gasket material you are looking for but if it was to seal a lid of a tin, you might consider NAPA autogasket material----it would be hi temp---just a thought.
Yahh, on another site he said he would start at ahigher degree in order to get under the 4:00 8-)

I hope he made it under the 4:00 and that the 3:30 is correct.

That napa gasket, is it the cork rubber stuff? I used the cork rubber stuff. It STINKS when it gets hot :o I used it as insulation around a Heiny pot, did'nt work, got hot, smouldered and STUNK

I've also used the RTV silicon sealant.

What Skids used is the woven fiberglass cloth that looks like header exhaust wrap. Used to seal wood burner doors.

Skids, did the fiberglass stay adhered to the tin after a few burns? Tug on it to see if it stays put. :mrgreen:

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Re: November Entry # 1 for Skids

Post by Skidsteer » Thu Dec 06, 2007 8:17 pm

Relax fellas. :mrgreen:

I tested it with hotel tap water in Aiken, SC. 75 degrees max but I didn't check it.

I bet I could do better with a six inch diameter kettle. :idea:

I'm such a dingbat. When the subject was brought up about fastest two cup boils, I frantically searched my records 'cause I remembered a sub 4:00 time. I couldn't find it. I'm so ADD :ugeek:

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