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Re: April Voting begins

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 11:58 am
by DarenN
thank you very much! :mrgreen:

your stove and canteen kettle are truely an inspired piece of work.
i didn't want seem as though i was 'mudslinging' during the voting so i kept shut about the JB Weld. here's the thing; i have a lot of experience with epoxys from ten years of building wood/fiberglass boats as a hobby. even after it is fully cured it can be quite dangerous health-wise, and even more-so when heated. Bisphenal-A is just one of the toxins released when heated. no epoxy is "food safe" and should not be used in any fashion that allows it to come in contact with consumables. that's it for the safety warning. as a prototype your kettle absolutely rocks!! build it again and have it welded together and i'd vote against myself! :D

thanks again!

Re: April Voting begins

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 12:27 pm
by Roy
Hi Daren,
How's things. I'd forgotten I lent you the Trangia, long time ago eh. And for anyone else reading this please understand that Daren is sometimes prone to using hyperbole. I'm building a boat (same boat for six years) - that does not make me a boatbuilder.
Daren, I'll call you.

Re: April Voting begins

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 12:35 pm
by DarenN
hi Roy;
thanks for the vote.

Roy is prone to excessive modesty. ;) he built his first boat back in the '70's.