A cheap, light-weight cozy

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Re: A cheap, light-weight cozy

Post by zelph » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:06 pm

parkinson1963 wrote:A wonderful cozy material is one made out of those blue foam pads that everyone has bought. Using scissors and glue make one.

The best part is because it rigid it can be used separately from the pot, i.e place freer bag meal in cozy add hot water, wait, eat. This frees up the pot to make amazing hot chocolate with whole milk powder. This gives the benefits of have a nice bowl to eat out of and being able to use the pot for drinking out of.
I just recently bought one of those foam pads used for exercising. I may take a pair of scissors to it and make one :D Good idea to use that kind of material, much more sturdy than reflextic stuff.

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