1/2 oz.=13 min. burn

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Re: 1/2 oz.=13 min. burn

Post by oops56 » Thu Sep 27, 2007 5:05 pm

It will light like it is takes 20 sec. with primer right off.A tea light dish to small the casing and wick wont hold a 1/2 oz. try it just to see to small .this one hold 1 oz. plus a little bit more 5 or 6 eye drops .so in the field no need to measure just till can see that the bullet case gets to the top thats a 1 oz.
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Re: 1/2 oz.=13 min. burn

Post by zelph » Thu Sep 27, 2007 5:14 pm

oops56 wrote:O k i just went out and i measure every thing careful 1/2 fuel 16 oz. water 77F
8-1/2 min. 200F steam lots 13 and 50sec. burn time o it stil had some more flame left but it was not doing much.
77 degree starting water temperature, that's a pretty good head start :D

The use of Tiki wick is going to be helpful to alot of stove makers and like you said it is standing straight up. Thats important for the transfer of fuel up to the surface. I bet it absorbs most of the fuel also, making it a more safe burner. One less thing for man who plays with fire to worry about ;) The wick is responsible for the long burn time, keeps the fuel from vaporizing too fast.

The most important thing is that your stove boils 2 cups of water using only 1/2 ounce of fuel and continues to burn an additional 4 min. to make up for conditions encountered in the wild :) outside, with a breeze blowing.

Wow, you work faster than I can type :) a little window popped up while I was typing says a post has been made , I may wish to review my post.
I forgot about the tea tin only holding 1/2 ounce. It's good to be able to have the ability to put in 1 ounce. You have a good point there. Good thinking.

Thanks again oops.

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