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Re: the old Pepsi G

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:27 am
by Ridgerunner
Skidsteer wrote:
Ridgerunner wrote:Does anyone know what happened to the Rocks thru hike this year? Last I heard, he hurt his ankle and had to take time off the trail. I did not hear what his plans were after that. :?:
Stress fracture in the foot. He's working at a security firm and comptemplating getting into law enforcement, last I heard.
What a shame he fractured his foot after all the preparation that is put into such a major undertaking. i'm sure he will be successful at whatever he does and wish him the best . I wonder if the desire is still there to do a thru hike or if he has given up on the idea all together ? Sometimes there is only a small window of opportunity for a thru hike then the real world and family life take priority. Let me just say how much I appreciate his service to our country over the last 20 years and wish him and Dixiecritter all the best. ;)