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Snow Peak GS 100

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:14 am
by DarenN
i had heard good things about the Snow Peak GS 100 and decided to buy one and see if the good words were true. after the incredible let-down i had with the Crux, i was a little un-sure about spending money on another canister stove, but the GS 100 is worth it. wonderful stove! :D i'm very impressed with it. packed up, it's half the size of the Pocket Rocket and weighs a bit less. very stable potstand. good solid valve that doesn't wiggle around like the Crux did. from off to full output in a full 1/4 turn makes for easy control. it boiled two cups of water in 3minutes-45seconds using 7grams of fuel.
this is the only commercial canister-top stove that i'm aware of that has a windscreen/heatsheild made for it. i bought one as well. it's made out of Stainless Steel so it's too heavey. i'll copy it in aluminum to save the weight.
stove: $40.
windscreen: $10.