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Super Stove by Zelph

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:40 pm
by IBleedCrimson
Received my Super Stove from Zelph around a week ago. Im planning my thru of the colorado trail this summer and want to carry as little fuel as possible. Let's see if this will be my stove of choice!

Initial impressions: Feels solid, love how it is one piece; no extra pot stand needed here. Pouring fuel in is a little tricky the first time, I spilled a little. This thing burns 1/2 oz of fuel forever compared to my pepsi can stove! I love how no priming pan is needed.

Test Conditions: My kitchen 61.3-61.8F. Water, 2 cups, Temp 58.1F. Fuel is HEET yellow bottle. All tests used 1/2 oz fuel. Pot is Evernew .9 L. Windscreen is AntiGravityGear's Vari-Vent 4 inches tall. Stove was allowed to return to room temp after each test, and new water was added to pot each time. Also position of stove on counter top was moved after each test so no residual heat affected future tests. Fan used was Vornado 610, on highest setting. Placed ~5ft from stove, pointed directly at it. ( ... specs-html) .

All tests were run 4 times, with the farthest out lier discarded.

1st Test: Stove and pot, no windscreen;
Boil Time----Total Burn
1: 7:28--------7:55
2: 7:33--------7:59
3. 7:25--------8:01

2nd Test: Stove, Pot, and Windscreen (all vents wide open since no air movement);

Boil Time----Total Burn
1: 5:40--------6:50
2: 6:03--------7:20
3: 5:44--------7:03

3rd Test: Stove, Pot, Fan, and Windscreen (vents towards fan closed, on back side open),

Boil Time----Total Burn
1: N/A---------6: 25
2: N/A---------6:33
3: 6:32--------6:38

Thoughts: Unsurprisingly boiling times were better under windscreen, but not quite sure why burn times weren't longer as well. Maybe not enough air flow?

Conclusion: Stove is incredibly efficient, especially when windscreen was used with little to no air movement. Surprisingly, it was able to boil 2 cups of water under very strong wind conditions twice (once also on the out lier). I honestly didn't think that was going to happen. Water was steaming like hell each other time time but not quite boiling. Using 5/8ths or 3/4th oz fuel boiled 2 cups under wind every time with ~30 sec extra cook time.

Final Thoughts. I will be taking this along to with me to colorado. I rarely boil more than 1 cup of water to cook my meals, and this baby manages it easily with a little more than 1/4 oz fuel. This is a great product.

Thanks Zelph!

Re: Super Stove by Zelph

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:55 pm
by zelph
Those statistics are music to my ears :D Thank you for the very positive feedback. Three tests per variation of parameters is an ideal way to establish results. Nice!!!!!

Try a test or two with all openings open on the windscreen while fan is blowing. I have found that air movement from one side of the windscreen will cause the flam/heat to shift over to one side of the pot and cause uneven heat distribution. That might be the cause of a non boil.

Re: Super Stove by Zelph

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:49 am
by IBleedCrimson
Thats a good idea. I was frankly quite amazed when it reached boiling those two times under such conditions... I would absolutely ecstatic if I could reach those same results consistently! Im going to try better venting on windscreen, and some testing on what ill actually be using the stove for: boiling a cup or less in order to cook my ramen/cup o soup/couscous(sic?)/instant rice & pasta. those results coming sometime this week!

Re: Super Stove by Zelph

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:45 pm
by zelph
boiling a cup or less in order to cook my ramen/cup o soup/couscous(sic?)/instant rice & pasta.

I use 1 cup water per package of ramen. Place ramen in pot, pour water over and heat to boil and that should do it. I could even use less fuel because heating it to 180 degrees works for me as far as a comfortable temp to start eating at. Anything hotter tha 180 is too hot. There are ways to conserve fuel ;)