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Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:03 pm
by zelph
Both Connie and Oops are happy :D

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:05 pm
by zelph
Eggs, good choice. I'm an egg fan of the maximus :mrgreen:

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:19 pm
by ConnieD
I have used the JetBoil FluxRing Fry Pan. I never purchased the 1.5 L or 3.0 L Cooking Pot.

I have prepared any kind of supper I can think of. It does cool down faster, because the FluxRing heats faster and cools faster. I started setting the pan in my beanie (watch cap) hat to keep the food warm. That works fine.

More often, I use the Jet Boil Pot Support. I especially like my 8" GSI Outdoors Extreme Fry Pan, no lightweight, but excellent for camping with the JetBoil PCS. I like the sturdy handly better, rather than those flip-flop handles we see so often on cookware and cups and mugs made for backpacking.

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:14 pm
by ConnieD
GSI and Sea-To-Summit have some great stuff.

It would be surprising if you see a GSI Extreme series frying pan in a store: they fly off the shelves.

I had to order mine.

The GSI Extreme series non-stick anodized surface is exceptional.

The Banks Fry Bake is also exceptional. They actually advertise you can clean theirs with sand or gravel.

Their market are canoe, kayak, and river raft floaters. It is like a lighter weight dutch oven. It works great.

Anyway, I have two hats: my hat with a brim for daytime and my beanie hat for sleep wear.

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:36 am
by ConnieD
Now that I have two nice fry pans, I probably can't justify a third

That's me. :roll: ...stoves, sleeping quilts, Brooks-Range elephant foot sleeping bag (I purchased today) ...puffy belay jackets, DWR windshirts, down sweaters, nifty little stuff great for backpacking: a different small knife, little folding sissors, another size FireSteel. Maybe that Evernew Titanium Sierra Cup FD (EBY152)? Hmm...

The Banks Fry Bake is aluminum with proprietary anodization. The expedition lid is strongest. The Alpine lid is more lightweight. However, the Fry-Bake pan is the same for both versions. There is an 8-inch and a 10-inch.

I suppose I could backpack it. Since I like lightweight gear, I keep the Banks Fry Bake for gravel bar mid-day dinners on rivers with my Old Town Loon 138 kayak-top-canoe-hull float trips on Class 2/Class 3 rivers.

I have the beanie hat for sleepwear for the same reason. I am willing to use Down Wash but only sparingly, because the down will last longer if you take care of it. It is the same reason I use a bivy bag. I tried a liner, but it twists, so I wear silkweight longjohns instead. Isn't anyone making jammies with footies for grown-ups? :P

I don't like balaclavas, but I have purchased one now only because the PolarWrap Warm Air Mask is presently unavailable. I prefer to adjust my temperature with my hat, my PolarWrap Warm Air Mask, and my Turtle Neck Gaiter.

The PolarWrap product is the key.

The PolarWrap Warm Air Mask keeps the warmth of exhaled outbreath to pre-heat the inhaled in-breath. In so doing, it reduces condensation inside a tent or tarp. Perhaps more important, it keeps moisture off the sleeping bag/sleeping quilt.

The best part: you feel warmer.

1. I can use a temperature rated sleeping bag/sleeping quilt below the rated temperature.

2. I can be out in severe cold weather, breathing more deeply because of more exertion: the PolarWrap Exchanger II is best for activity. As for me, I hope they keep the PolarWrap Warm Air Mask in production (there is concern) because I like to wear it in my sleeping bag/sleeping quilt for backpacking and I like wear it in town in severe cold weather, in Montana.

The PolarWrap Warm Air Mask is my secret weapon for severe cold weather. I got on to it, when I carried two 30 lb propane tanks 1/2 mile in squeeky snow cold conditions, in Montana. I coughed up freeze-dry bits. I inquired, and I found my first PolarWrap Warm Air Mask. I never had that problem again.

The bonus was finding out it is great for sleeping out in a tent/tarp for backpacking.

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:36 pm
by zelph
The oil from my skin gives a "patina" to the surface of my down bag :o :mrgreen:

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:31 pm
by ConnieD

It's time for Down Wash. McNett has a nice video.

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:48 pm
by zelph
Yes, it's time for the laundermat down duty. I've got the spray on product. Now to make time ;)

Good video, thanks Connie :)

Re: Jetboil SOL Titanium Cold Weather FAILURE!!!

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:37 am
by ConnieD
Polar Wrap balaclavas are available. (Google)

I see, their reseller does have a half mask. I am ordering one. ... HeIUlzJA=1

There is talk their contracted manufacturer may not make the Polar Wrap Warm Air Mask.

Email their contact email telling them you have been reading about it in a forum, that you are interested in the Polar Wrap Warm Air Mask. If you are interested, that is. It costs less. It is more versatile, if you are active because you can vary your warmth with your hat or with a neck gaiter or buff.

I ordered one from a retailer and I got an email they are out of stock and they don't know when they will be available, and then, Polar Wrap said there is consideration they may not have that model although it has been a good seller for them.

I expressed my concern: I don't like balaclavas because they matte my hair, they look military-style, and I use my Polar Wrap Warm Air Mask in town, as well as, for hiking where I am more active and I need to regulate my temperature with my hat.

PolarWrap did write back to me, telling me they would give my emails to their CEO.

I have been promoting the Polar Wrap Warm Air Mask on my website over the past decade. I have put comments at YouTube, mentioning it. I started mentioning it in forums.

It works great.

It eliminates condensation on the sleeping bag/sleeping quilt and on the inside of the tarp or tent, unless you set up your campsite on green grass. That will make condensation.

The best feature, from my experience, is that the Polar Wrap Warm Air Mask allows you to adjust your temperature, better, by using a separate hat and Turtle "neck gaiter" or "buff".

The fact is, most people will never wear a balaclava, that "town people" in particular want a fashion item but most backpackers will not wear a balaclava.

I insisted a balaclava is for more sedentary outdoor activities like ice fishing, sitting in a duck blind, like that. I said, backpackers, snowshoers and like that are more active. They need to adjust layers for their level of activity, at the time, and for sudden changes in the weather. Above all, we must not perspire in our clothing. I also said a balaclava is more of a military-look, that most of the public do not wear or use military or military-surplus clothing or gear.

Maybe they need to hear from more people, than just me? Do write.

It is a great product. I only purchased the balaclava the last time (Warm Air Mask gone with a stolen backpack) because I was desperate and I am trying to figure how to re-fashion it instead into a Warm Air Mask.

It is my "secret weapon" for keeping toasty warm in cold weather and for carrying much lighterweight gear.

Oh, uh, I wasn't going to admit I wear socks in my sleeping bag/sleeping quilt. :roll: