Tatonka Alcohol Stove

Give results of stoves tested. At least three test burns made in succession using 1/2 ounce of denatured alcohol and 2 cups of water. Give any and all additional conditions that exist during testing.

Stoves bought retail and Do-It-Yourself stoves. Everyone is welcome to post their results and post comments.
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Re: Tatonka Alcohol Stove

Post by zelph » Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:10 am

Ridgerunner wrote:You can buy the burner pretty cheap here.

$9.00 for delivery and one week delivery time.

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Re: Tatonka Alcohol Stove

Post by DarenN » Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:30 am

i got mine from a shop in Victoria. over on the Island. as i said; the parts are all sold seperately. the burner, cap, simmering cap, and potstand came to about $C35.
we've mentioned that the Tatonka is larger than the Trangia, and that's true, but it is still the same diameter, just deeper. the Trangia burner fits perfectly in the potstand. a perceptive fella would then note that the Trangia canister burner could also be used in the Tatonka potstand ;) :ugeek: .

it's not all that cold up here in the "frozen north". i changed a flat tire yesterday without gloves! :lol: didn't i hear that it snowed in Georgia this year? :lol:
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Re: Tatonka Alcohol Stove

Post by realityguy » Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:49 am

Daren,you've been pretty quiet up there..figured you might be under water..I noticed Dan's daughter's town of Bremerton had 6" of rain in two days(why my comment about "her wanting a rubber raft")..while we had a piddly 2-3" here during that storm.
Other than the first snow..appears we might slide by with a mild winter with hopefully not a repeat of last year's April which snowed in and closed down a lot of high trails for most of the summer.. :evil:
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