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"Quote of the Day"

Post by zelph » Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:21 pm

I read this today while on Whiteblaze.net. I thought it was worth quoting here. Words Of Wisdom from a seasoned backpacker.
My Grandma cooked with a pot, a pan, a knife and some simple spoons. Something most "foodies" would sneer at as they buy their overpriced yuppie cookware at Peppercorn.

I suspect (I know!) that the dishes Grandma cooked is far superior to what the yupsters cook on their expensive pots. I now see that the "peasant food dishes" Grandma made are now served in chi chi restaurants that specialize in "Rustic Southern Italian food" (i.e. not the "red sauce " joints most Americans think of as Italian food). These dishes cost an arm and a leg....not bad for something made for starving peasants from il mezzogiorno. I also see the recipes posted on foodie websites and at Whole Foods (something I doubt my ancestors could afford...or whatever the equivalent of the 1910 Whole Paycheck was.. )

So..what does all this rambling mean?

In the same way my Grandma was able to able to make these wonderful meals with the most basic of tools, why do we as backpackers obsess over titanium pots? Heat transfer rates? Etc? Backpacking is about simplicity. Getting back to the basics. Lightweight backpacking is about paring down to the uber essentials.

Yet, backpacking seems to have become about the gear. Lightweight backpacking has become less about simplicity and more about what "gee whiz" toys you can buy to get lightweight.

A pot, a knife, a spoon, some heat. It worked for Grandma when she made eggplant caponata. Surely the simple tools can work for our backcountry concoctions?

In the end, no one cared what kind of pot the good cooks used. Perhaps we should take that philosophy towards enjoying the outdoors, too.

Gear is to used to enjoying hiking in the outdoors. Hopefully we don't hike so we can enjoy gear.

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Re: "Quote of the Day"

Post by DarenN » Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:45 pm

zelph wrote: Hopefully we don't hike so we can enjoy gear.
quite profound, this statement is.

"I'd rather be happy than right." Slartibartfast

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Re: "Quote of the Day"

Post by Mags » Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:04 pm

A seasoned backpacker, using his ethnic background to make a point.
Who could that ever be? ;)

Glad you liked it...
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