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Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:05 pm
by oops56
well survival cant do it here i wrote about it for me here then i crash it so back later. :( :(
ok back the only one for car winter is extra warm clothes case need to walk home if car brake down about 4 mile walk.for the house i have 3 weeks or so for food oh 20 lbs rice :lol: got all the stoves i need plus fuel.Also think solar cooking yesterday i had 3 solar cooking ovens going cook rice in one bake potato in one and chicken legs in other took about 4 1/2 hours at 225F was ready for supper.also i just getting into growing hot water heater has 60gal so that good for a bit plus i got a under ground water comes in the cellar. i am working on my bug out bag keep in the shop grab and load in car and go somewhere :) :) well there more but i am all set for now oh i never get lost in the woods just go in so cars cant see me to old to hike anymore or hunt

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:18 pm
by ConnieD
I'll see, if this works.

I uploaded this 10 MB video to Photobucket: mouseclick on the picture.


The first "station wagon bag" at the top right has salmon and such packed in foil pouches. The one below, has soup packets. Next, dried fruit and nuts, followed by add-hot-water tortellini, potatos, and rice side dishes. The last, has ready-to-eat pouches of rice or rice and beans. The "cooler" has Indian cuisine meals. The kitchen counter has odds-and-ends and my vacuum pak.

I am inexperienced at making internet video. I will see if I can make a better video.

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:57 pm
by cadyak
looking at and reading the contents is making me hungry Connie. Those would make very good long lasting, high protein survival foods.

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:05 pm
by ConnieD
I can rotate this "shelf stable" food for backpacking, through regular eating, and so, it doesn't just "go bad".

On a longer vacation, I put the station wagon bags and the 12 VDC cooler in the Previa van, so I load up my backpack right out of my vehicle. That way, on a long vacation trip for backpacking I don't have to completely rely on what I can find at the local grocery store.

I also consider that I have a good supply of real food available in the apartment, in addition to the refrigerator food and freezer food. I also have the usual "consummables" in the kitchen cupboards, of course.

I think it works pretty good.

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:50 pm
by ConnieD

:lol: have sufficient numbers of backpacking and camping stoves to outfit a big city neighborhood !

If you ever have a problem, trade stoves for food.

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:18 pm
by sudden
HI Connied,

I have used those little "space blankets" before. Also had to use garbage bags. Also spent a day out hiding from trees blowing down around me. (Note: Try to stay on the side they are falling away from then get under the end with the root ball and pray). Also managed to get a guy from the woods to the hospital and medivac (Note: Take the boot heaters out of your boots "before" you start the 3 mile sprint to your vehicle). I've been swept downstream and rescued myself because I did the right things ahead of time. I don't assume accidents cannot happen to me just because I'm prepared. I also kicked at a gator (chunk of tire strip) while riding my motorcycle down the highway and know what it feels like to touch your ear with your toe :oops: lol.

If anyone should do a video it is you. Too many years of experience and too many great stories need to be shared.

Find a way to get it reviewed and edited before it ends up on youtube. Kindle is still out there for written stories and tips. Put a book up there for free download

You could title it: "A Life of Rescue Work and The Tips That Could Save Your Life"

Fill it with stories and examples of what went wrong, and practical advice on how to deal with emergencies.
If you start with a small book you should be able to turn it into a nice video too.

The best place to start is with James Kim's story. It could happen to anyone. What survival book would you write that any family could have in there car in case rescue is needed? He did almost everything correctly but died in the end. Put it in their first aide kit. Modify the kit with some high calorie edibles, a means to purify water and start a fire. Sell them by the buzillions.

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:02 pm
by ConnieD
The James Kim story has been told quite a lot: just "google" James Kim.

It seems to me, it was a very "bad decision" to try a "short cut" across the coastal mountains, in winter, and, then, refuse to turn around. He was not valiant. He was typical, and not smart.

His cell phone was "pinged" to locate him: too late. I know, I suggested it when asked "what would you do".

I have quite a few stories about SAR, much worse. The SAR I know are egoistic jerks, using "priviledges" handed out from the county law enforcement, like a special sign to display in their vehicle so no law enforcement will touch them when driving at high speed like a complete drunken idiot in winter "white out", because they want to go shopping. I was in the vehicle.

On "rescues" here, they do not search "their grid". They drink a case of beer, packed in their overpacked rucksack, or, smoke pot. In California, I have much worse true stories, including telling gruesome stories to eager volunteers about how many maggots found on a deceased "another time like this" before the eager volunteers were sent out, and, really-sick stuff of the Homeward Bound "homeless shelter" women at their own nearby SAR equipment warehouse, in Marin County. I saw one woman go over there, and return, as I sat chatting with the past Marin County Sheriff who, I found out, had "made the arrangements".

No, you do not want to hear the SAR stories I have to tell.

My advice:

Travel only with reliable people, or

Rescue yourself.

At the request of the Malstrom AFB "Helicopter Ops" MAJ "Tug" (a great man) I helped "organize" a SAR to support Glacier National Park, MT to the fullest extent it could be organized. Even so, I was only willing to act as a "consultant" because "live rescue" is not on a "law enforcement model".

SAR is a county, state, and federal government function, under the Sheriff, the Governor, and FEMA.

SAR does "dead body recovery". That has value to surviving relatives.

I don't have "tragedies" in my rescues. Every rescue has been a "live rescue" because I have a backlog of experience from a great trainer, George Martin, and his closest friends. I also have an uncanny ability to anticipate where to find the person in trouble. I wonder about that, but I know it is pretty easily figured out from the facts.

I have never had an "accident" out in the "wilderness" because I don't do stupid things, starting with "overextending" energy reserves.

People have their "accidents" because they are over-tired, making them inattentive and can't concentrate, and don't think straight. And/or inexperience. Every time.

Okay, unless it is all testorone! "Man up"! "Dig deep"!

Don't listen!

Honest, the guys saying that are manipulative power-mad jerks who want to see you FAIL. They hate your guts, because they see themself as not as good as you.

These egoistic jerks tell "stories" that are exaggerations or outright lies. Don't compare yourself to their fiction.

Every death in wilderness, of my knowledge, is from that "myth" of conquering nature, and not from the "reality".

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:14 pm
by zelph
I have not read all the posts since my last one, I'll read and be back later. Here is the 1st pack


Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:59 pm
by zelph
Well, I did not get to the second pack :oops:

The important thing is that we have something ready to go in case we have to leave our residences in a hurry.

Re: "survival challenge" anyone?

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:39 pm
by sudden
zelph wrote:Well, I did not get to the second pack :oops:

The important thing is that we have something ready to go in case we have to leave our residences in a hurry.
I hope that never happens.

I can't think of any mega-disaster scenarios where I live, but we are 60 miles downwind of a nuclear plant. Unless it were a rapid chernobyl type event, we would still have plenty of time to relocate ourselves in an orderly fashion.

Haiti, New Orleans, and now Japan are what I think about as possible scenarios. Knowing something about shelter building, fire starting, first aid, and water purification top the list for me of skills people might want to think about learning. Coping/Negotiating with people under stress would be another one.

The guy in the video only had himself to worry about. I'll bet he could survive in good shape with only a knife, a metal container, and the means to start a fire for those 3 days.

I think it was cadyak who volunteered to make a video response. Who's going to keep an eye out for him? How little equipment will you allow him to carry. It would be cool to see cadyak and connied on a survival video. Cadyak with things you should have in your pockets and Connied with a small hurry bag. Show how much easier a three day rescue situation can be if you keep a few extra items in your car. Connie takes over near the end and shows how much one person can do to help another survive a bad situation. So how are we going to fund this video expedition???? I think Connie is right to work on a response video.