VIDEO: Close to Dead

Useful information that may come in handy in an emergency situation. It can be hiking related or any other area of every day life situations. Icestorms, huricanes, tornados, floods etc.
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VIDEO: Close to Dead

Post by Arson » Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:10 am

I had an overnighter turn out to be a deadly situation.....

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Re: VIDEO: Close to Dead

Post by ConnieD » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:55 pm

I had an experience very close to fatal for other members of the trip. I was sent out to rescue two. But the trip leader pushed on, in spite of my warning.
There was a near fatality.
It was amazing that young man wasn't killed.
I was kind of a hero for the rescue I did. They were inexperienced, having to help them was at least somewhat expected.
But I didn't feel good about it.
In fact, I "lost my nerve" over that experience. Why?
I felt I couldn't rely on the "stronger more experienced" people like me to listen to me.
I was badly shaken.
I didn't realise how much.
Much later, I was out again. There was exposure that could be fatal, and could go around it.
I was being dared to do it, unroped.
It was what those two young boys were doing, the one who had nearly lost his life.
After one more incident involving brash stupidity, I preferred solo trips.
At least I didn't quit going out.
I hope you don't quit, but cut yourself a lot of slack: don't push the edge.
For example, don't run your boat up to maximum weight capacity in rough water.
Discuss your gear with your companions. Discuss and make improvements.
Make easy trips, with more camping. You will feel better.
Don't push yourself or let anyone push you.

What is right about this picture?
For example, I have Kokotat 4-way stretch pants and Aeroskin jacket and Neosport cap to wear under my regular kayaking clothing, for mild temperatures immersion, I wear with my West Marine "Type V" PFD. I have my Ripcurl "core" wetsuit, made for surfers, to wear under my kayak clothing and my Stohlquist "Type III" PFD for cold water immersion. Do the paddle leashes show? I use paddle leashes as well as have a spare paddle: yellow collapsible spare paddle above the PFD. The red net bags hold my bow and stern inflatable floatation bags I use, so my kayak will bob back up to the surface.

What is wrong about this picture?
For example, my basic survival gear is not attached to my PDF. It also goes hiking with me. At least, I do keep it in a net bag to keep it all together so all of it goes on every trip. My helmet is not pictured. In addition, my Warmers gloves and pogies are not pictured.

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Re: VIDEO: Close to Dead

Post by zelph » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:35 pm

I'm so thankfull you guys suirvived.

I'm so grateful that you made the video to share with a multitude of hikers and outdoor oriented folks. We appreciate it imensely

Uncontrolable shivering saps the strength right out of you. Shoulder muscles are working over time, tight as all get out. Whoooo!!!! I never want to experience that again. I was at home when it occured. I kew there is no way anyone could light a fire with a flint or matches when shivering to that extent. I was shivering and thinking survival because of my interests in it in the outdoors. My wife was able to get me into bed, cover me with as much bedding available and then jumped in bed with me to have her body heat help me regain normalcy.

You Ventured, You Gained We learn from your experience...........thank you!!!!!!

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Re: VIDEO: Close to Dead

Post by sudden » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:48 pm

Hi Arson,

First of all I'm glad you both made it back without too much damage.
The video was very informative and I will watch it again.

I'm sure you neither of you feels like bragging right now but I have to say that both of you deciding to hug the shore probably made all the difference. The way you describe the swim in it sounds like you were lucky you weren't any further out.

I hope when the two of you get together for the over night trip you will both share any changes you make for cold water trips. Keeping some essential gear attached to your person is the obvious one but it will be interesting to see if you make any other changes after you have time to think it over.

Thanks for sharing a tough experience.
"People are not persuaded by what we say, but rather by what they understand."

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