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Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:45 pm
by JBRanger
I finally found the pack for me. The Seek Outside Paradox Unaweep (whew, that's a mouthful). External frame design, REALLY lightweight and can haul as much as I need it to. Here's a picture from a test hike.

A few more pics below. ... p4yB9fuMBg

The load transfer to the hip belt is amazing. The hipbelt is rock solid. It never moves. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a great pack made here in the States this is it.

Re: Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:30 am
by cadyak
Thanks for posting Jeremy.
I have been eyeballing those packs. Which size did you get? Did you get the Talon compression system?
XPAc makes for a nice waterproof bag.
Merry Christmas

Re: Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:17 pm
by zelph
He got the one liked by his daughter :D she looks comfy on dads back :D

Lots of interesting info on it:


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We strive to make the world’s best load carrying systems. We combine cutting edge fabrics and strict manufacturing processes to create durable packs that will give you years of service. Our design ethos are to create products that solve problems in the most efficient and lightest way possible.

When examining our packs you will find box stitches, bartacks, and edge bound seams instead of slick marketing and cost cutting. Quality looks different, and we embrace that difference.

The Paradox Difference

•Comfortable with 5 lbs or with 100 lbs

•Weather Resistant - X-Pac fabric is forever waterproof. Coupled with a rolltop design, our packs don’t need rain covers

•The industry’s most comfortable hipbelt.

•Talons – modular organization pockets and compression panels

•Compression – carry anything your knees can handle


•Adjustable frame height

Our Packs

•Unaweep – The Unaweep is purpose built to deliver ultralight performance. Utilizing our patent pending articulating frame and the same suspension as the Evolution, the Unaweep is a no-holds-barred ultralight pack that can haul monster loads. The Unaweep features an integrated suspension and packbag, so the pack cannot be used without a packbag.

•Evolution - The Evolution is the most adaptable ultralight backpack ever designed. It features a modular suspension with removable packbags, meaning you can use the suspension without a packbag as a freighter frame, or switch between different size packbags for summer and winter use. The suspension can be used as a dry bag hauler and as such it excels as a canoe or pack rafting backpack. It features our patent pending articulating frame and 24”-28” adjustable frame height.

The Unaweep and Evolution utilize the same frame, hipbelt, and harness. Some parts are interchangeable. Visit our Forums for more info on modular setups.


Talons are removable pockets and compression panels that work with our compression system. They provide a tremendous amount of functionality through organization and storage. Talons can be used to carry a hydration bladder, compress a jacket, haul a monster load, or in the case of the Day Talon, use it alone as a daypack, or running pack. We designed our compression system to be focused by a Talon, so we highly recommend them.


Purchasing is simple and consists of just a few steps.

1.Choose your platform:

•Unaweep – Ultralight, no load shelf

•Evolution – Interchangeable packbags, load shelf, can be used without packbag

2.Choose your packbag:

•3900 ci / 64 L

•4800 ci / 79 L

•6300 ci / 103L

3.Choose your Talon

•Base Talon – 1000 ci, one zippered pocket

•Hydro Talon – 1000 ci, one zippered pocket plus a hydration sleeve

•Day Talon – 1250 ci, three pockets, and a captive harness for daypack use

•Dual Talon - 1000 ci, dual zippered long pockets plus hydration sleeve

In Stock

In stock packs are configurations that allow for minimal customization and ship in 7-10 days. Configurations not in stock have 4-6 week lead times.

These components are in stock and ship in 7-10 days:
•Unaweep 3900 & 4800 (Gray or Coyote)
•Evolution 4800 (Gray or Coyote)
•Hydro Talon (Coyote VX21 / Gray VX21)
•Dual Talon (Black VX42)
•Hipbelt Sizes: Small, Medium, & Large

Customizations available for the pack bags include the Side Access Zipper

Unaweep & Evolution packbags now include Black VX42 X-Pac bottom and side pockets. This increases durability and provides extreme abrasion resistance for these high-wear areas.

Ultralight, Ultra Capable and Built for a lifetime

Re: Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:39 pm
by JBRanger
I got the Unaweep 3900. I did not get the talon as I figured I could make that easily.

The pack carries amazing. I needed the weight bearing as in winter trips when hauling mine and my daughters stuff the load can creep into the 60's.

Re: Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:20 am
by zelph
If there is snow on the ground can't you use a pulk to pull it? 60's is a heck of a lot to be haulin even if it's distributed on the waist. :o

Re: Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:51 pm
by JBRanger
Unfortunately, this is GA. Not much snow, so no. She does have her own pack and as she gets older/stronger more and more weight will come off. However, I've got another kid at 3 now, so won't be too long before he's wanting to go.

All the more reason to stay in shape! :)

Re: Paradox Unaweep pack,

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:17 pm
by zelph
Ok, stay in shape!!!! :mrgreen: in that case add another 10 pounds :P :mrgreen:

Take the little guy with. Get one of those chest carriers used for carrying little ones. Keep in shape! :D