Paddling, Tipi's and Woodstoves

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Paddling, Tipi's and Woodstoves

Post by zelph » Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:32 pm

I was surfing the net dreaming of things that I wanted.

I came across this thread and thought I'd share it with you.

Click Here :arrow:Teepee Tent, Wood Stove and Canoe Site

I really like the stove pipe that's used for the "Chimney"

Daren or anyone, know where I can get material to make the chimney? Do you think .003 stainless or smaller shim stock on a 12" wide roll would work? Any other material come to mind? Do you think 3 foot of steel at the stove would be sufficient and the remainder to be of aluminum dryer vent stuff would work.

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Re: Paddling, Tipi's and Woodstoves

Post by DarenN » Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:34 pm

damn, i love those Kifaru teepee's!! i'd build a tub floor, though, with netting around the lower edge, between the floor and the lower edge of the teepee wall.

the woodstove is brilliant! well thought out design. it's not going to be air-tight and will only get worse after it warps from the heat of a couple good fires, but then, Kifaru never claims 'air-tight' to begin with. if a baffle was added to the stove it would eliminate the puff of smoke into the room when you open the door to stoke the fire.

the chimney:
Kifaru uses .004 s/s, 14" wide, for the stove pipe. that allows about 1.5" overlap on a 4" diameter. so yes; .003 x 12" wide could yield a three inch pipe quite nicely. i think that (not really guessing; but sorta) dryer vent would burn out very quickly, and the weight savings would be minimal (if any) over .003 s/s shimstock. dryer vent would be way more bulky.

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