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Re: Carbide Lamp

Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 1:02 pm
by Roy
Hi Zelph,
Mine never made it across the water. I think the movers took it as a "souvenir". It had a bicycle clip (to fit a bracket common on all British bikes back then) and was a little beaten up. I think it probably needed a new jet because it would never maintain a consistent flame regardless of how I adjusted the drip.

Re: Carbide Lamp

Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 1:49 pm
by zelph
Probably has a bad seal. A wrap or two of teflon tape woulda cured it :mrgreen:

I think someone should design a stove that operates on that carbide/water principle for it's fuel. Seems like it would be easy enough.

My brother and I used carbide inside a glass 1 gallon jar that had the lid glued on tight. The lid had a small hole in it of a size the we could inject water to start the gas forming and had a cinder block tied to the finger hole on the bottle's top. We threw the bottle overboard(we were in our flat bottomed John Boat) rowed a small distance away and waited for it to blow. we hoped we would be able to catch fish the scientific way!!!!!!!! :o :o

It never blew, only bubbled like crazy :x :x :x :P

We had heard that it was a sure fire way to get some fish in a short time. We got skunked!!!!!