"holey" grail stove

Here's the place you can post your favorite wood burning stove and also information on how to build and where to get supplies.
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Re: "holey" grail stove

Post by cadyak » Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:22 pm

Thank you for posting that very interesting information. I have never thought about their indian history. I found a picture of a handpainted map of the area from the 1800s and it showed it as one giant orchard with the town nestled next to it right by the river.
This particular stove (medium size) has a 4" diameter base, 2-1/2" diam top., 5-1/2" tall + 1-1/2" potstand. I have been amazed at how many tops, caps, etc are made to some kind of standard size. A cap from a squatty salsa jar fits the base of the HG perfectly (if you need it)
A quart paint can lid snaps tight onto the base of the largest one (24floz) and the smallest (12floz) using different parts of the lid.
I cant wait to try a hammock for camping. I know that I can take some great naps in the one in my yard. :D

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