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BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:32 pm
by DaddyMnM
Thought a few of you might get a kick out of this video. BIOLITE got press recently on MSNBC's Mad money with Jim Cramer. Interesting video, but you have to wait to get past an ad to see it. Sorry about that bit.

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:35 pm
by zelph
Yes, what a way to live....lots of money to promote a product. Big investors out there waiting to make a score. It was noted that they are not in production yet. this is from the link:

here on mad money we ordinarily only talk about publicly traded companies. after all, this is a show that's all about helping to try to make you money in the stock market. but lately there's a lot of innovation happening at private companies, companies that are doing really cool things. an you know what i? don't want you to be behind the curve anymore on a big idea just because there isn't yet a way to trade it. that's why i want to introduce you to biolite.

it's a private company with an genious product. biolite makes a little portable wood-burning camp stove that not only cooks your food in a way that's clean and safe as petroleum, petroleum-based fuels, but i think this is huge. the energy from the stove can also be used to charge your cell phone or other electronic devices. can you imagine the millions of people in the northeast that were without power and gasoline in hurricane sandy had these camp stoves handy? the blackout would have been a lot more pleasant and i wouldn't have had to worry every minute that my phone would die, which was really my chief -- when i was trying to do this phone downtown. my phone kept dying. plus of course there are billions of people in the developing world who don't have access to power but they do have access to cell phones that need charging and they cook using wood-burning fires every day. which is why biolite's also testing a large stove for homes that produce electricity.

this is an amazing invention and i think it could change the lives of billions of people. which is why i'm thrilled to have biolight's ceo and its chairman here with us tonight to talk about the revolutionary products. mr. sear, mr. levy, welcome to mad money. thanks very much. good to see you. good to sigh. okay, guys, you're from brooklyn. you're doing this device. this device could change the world. if you were a publicly traded company we'd have to talk about how's the quarter -- no. i just want you to walk me through how you came up with it, what it does, and what it did in hurricane sandy because that wasan amazing story. great. sure. absolutely. so biolite stoves as you mentioned are wood-burning stoves that generate electricity from the heat of the fire. this yellow part here is an electrical generator.

it's kind of like a solar panel for heat instead of light. it plugs into the stove. you set it up. you dumb a bunch of twigs in it. and you light them on fire. and when the fire is hot, you can plug your phone in. right. i'm going to plug my phone in now. because my phone needs charging. this is a cool thing. there we go. that's 75. it will be at 100 very shortly. here we go. if we want to, we can put an l.e.d. light in here and you can see that we're generating light. so in a lot of places this is what people need. they need small amounts of electricity to do really practical things. right. so sandy, i had -- out of gasoline. right. no grid is working. people needed this, right? not only that, but right nearour office in dunbar we had water that was pouring through. the national guard came through to help people out. we made coffee for them, tea for them. we charged all their cell phones. and we did this a overew york. we did it downtown.

we did it in washington square park. all over. and then we started distributing the stoves to people in the rockaways. so they could do this at home. okay. great service. now, everybody on our crew who has seen this immediately wants to buy one. because they all want to put it, set in in their trunk so if you go camping you can be able to charge your phone and your ipad. are they available yet? they are available. they're for sale through our website, we have sold tens of thousands of them this year. and then next we're we'll be in wholesale locations in the u.s. and about ten countries internationally. r.e.i. and eastern mountain sports, that kind of thing? yeah. companies like that. we've shipped these to now 70 countries around the world. and if you go onto our site or go on to youtube you'll see all the videos people are making about how they're using them in every language you can imagine. let's talk emerging markets. those people -- i talked to somebody who came back from cambodia. they said it's the strangest place in the world, everybody uses wood-burning fireplaces, it's the most dangerous thing, they're polluting the sky, but that's all they have. and they also have cell phones. but they're nowhere able to charge them. i was in kenya not long ago and i was in a rural village, people living in traditional garb. i said how many of you have cell phones? every one of them have it. i said where's the electricity? 15 kilometers away. and when they walk there they pay 25 cents to get their cell phone charged. so this would be the answer. right. not only that, but also it's a much cleaner burn. you'll see with these fires that there's no smoke coming out of it. most people in the developing world are cooking indoors and they're generating tremendous amount of fumes.

they're actually killing three times as many people as who die from malaria, and we get rid of 95% of the smoke. so it's much cleaner. we use less wood. and we can give them electricity. so i spent a lot of time thinking about apple. everybody does. apple down another 14, up 50. people worry about apple because is it doesn't have an omg factor. that's the word. when you show this around, do not people just -- jaws drop, right? well, it's amazing. especially our customers are our best advertisers, right? they're the people who are posting hundreds of youtube videos. but it's the psalm thing in emerging markets. so we go to do a demonstration in india, and really cooking is traditionally a woman's task in those communities and we have the men pushing to the front and center of the circle because they want to charge their cell phones. so it creates this really great dynamic where at one time it's a health intervention that's hopefully going to save a couple million lives every year, but the draw is for the same commercial reasons that we would want to have them here. now, i would want one of these in my trunk, right? right. little plastic bag. if i ever got in a jam at the side of the road, i'd stay warm and charge my phone. and not only that, it's on-demand energy. we think of it as energy everywhere. on demand energy. because here we are.

it's a rainy day. if we had a solar panel, wha would happen? it's not working. but we're generating electricity and you're charging your phone right now. so you have the patents. what do you have? what do you own about this? sure. absolutely. so we do have patents in the u.s. and in asia, africa, and europe. but in addition to that we have an incredible team of engineers and scientists who are not only deping cook stoves but a whole range of energy technologies. and so where we really see our role as a company is in providing personal scale energy access that's affordable and safe and reliable. talk about affordability. how much is this? these stoves are $130. okay. now, you are in brooklyn, new york. but you don't make these here, right? we don't. you have a factory -- we manufacture -- we manufacture in asia. and then -- but it's all based on the designs and the engineering of the team right here in new york. now, i've looked at this in the videos. how long does it take me to make a pot of tea? four minutes. it takes us four minutes to boil a liter of water. that's it. four minutes? four minutes. well, guys, look, it is omg. i'm thrilled you that came here. this is jonathan cedar. okay? and john levy. biolite's chairman and ceo. thank you so much, gentlemen. thank you. stick with mad money.
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BioLite's CampStove Invention
Fri 07 Dec 12 | 06:15 PM ET
Mad Money host Jim Cramer speaks with BioLite's CEO Jonathan Cedar and its Chairman John Levy, about its latest "CampStove" product.
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Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:05 pm
by DaddyMnM
I think the stove is interesting, but not enough to buy one. Not at the prices they are asking.

I've never understood how these stove makers targeting third world markets expect to make money. How can users there afford it. I guess they're hoping to get some generous souls to shell out the big bucks to finance sending them where needed.

Also, I saw a video on YouTube that indicates that the BioLite stove requires its internal battery be charged before it is used because the battery is needed to spin the fan. Apparently, without the fan, it doesn't get hot enough to generate electricity. So although the unit can generate electricity, it must first be charged itself to do so. Apparently, once charged, it can maintain a charge; But that wouldn't be so good if it sat on a shelf 5 years and was then pulled out to work blackout duty.

An interesting concept, but wonder about how practical it will prove to be.

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:15 pm
by zelph
heh heh. an achilles heel in the stove, oh my!!!! Maybe that's why they have not gone into production. Have you seen if they burn a load of wood pellets?

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:18 am
by DaddyMnM
Have you seen if they burn a load of wood pellets?

Hiram Cook is demoing one on YouTube ...

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:16 pm
by zelph
Wish I had one to give it the zelph test.

I'll watch the vid again to see what I can see ;)

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:25 pm
by zelph
They must have sent a stove to cook to test. We read that they are not for sale yet...right?

The heat probes are at the top of the fuel chamber. Does'nt look like they are in the way for pellet loading. Not too bad for twig loading either :?

Wonder what the capacity of the stove is fuel quart of twigs? :?

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:28 am
by DaddyMnM
Looks like they are available for sale. And only $129.00. Doesn't seem to be as expensive as I thought it would be, but I am not in the market for one.

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:39 am
by zelph
DaddyMnM wrote:Looks like they are available for sale. And only $129.00. Doesn't seem to be as expensive as I thought it would be, but I am not in the market for one.

Says this on your link:

Availability: Due to high demand, new orders ship mid/late January.

New Orders: Digital gift tag is available for all HOLIDAY ORDERS. Order now to secure a CampStove in 2013.


Are you going to order one to be the first on your block to have one? :mrgreen:

Re: BIOLITE Featured on Cramer's Mad Money

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:29 pm
by burleyolebear
not exactly "backpacking lite" but it does appear to have appeal beyond backpacking...