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Re: Oware AsymTarp 1

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:11 pm
by ConnieD
I want to show it, when it is in final form.

I feel I am getting closer.

The goal is a 10 essentials waistpack.

I worked out the measurements and I think the aluminized nylon would not only work as a reflective/windproof/dew cloth in the Oware AsymTarp 1 as well as the Shangri La 3, but (if it is 1.9 nylon) I could make it serve like the Grand Trunk Nano hammock and a kitchen tarp as well. Four "uses" plus a stand-alone windbreak or a signal to wave in the air. It isn't orange. I guess that is stretching the truth about the useful attributes of the aluminized nylon.

I don't know that aluminized nylon is windproof. I cannot find many facts: weight per square yard, windproof, water resistant, abrasion resistamt. That is why I have hestitated so long about making an online purchase.

I am thinking I have categories for my gear, as always, either defined by colored stuff sacks or a compartmentalized partial front loader day pack for example. I could have different colors cuben. I am thinking, maybe, cuben stuff sack for small items easily lost, plus a cuben "bear bag" because I read little chewing denizens of the forest haven't been able to chew through cuben. I could put the waistpack inside, whether on the ground or not, but to keep mice out, it would have to be a roll-top cuben sack. I think the food bag should be cuben, as well as, the garbage bag but lined with an Opsak. Two Opsak: food and garbage. It wouldn't stop a bear, but properly suspended in trees the Opsak would have no odor and even acrobatic tight-rope walking squirrels may not be able to chew through the cuben material.

I hadn't really felt moved to purchase anything cuben before. But we have people in the forum who are happy with cuben material.

I am down-sizing some of my 10 essentials items to more lightweight and low volume dimensions. I am even thinking my 7/16 x 3.15 FireSteel is "big and heavy". I have the SPARK-LITE. I could have both. I do not expect to replace my Suunto M9 Wrist Compass for off-trail navigation. I would also have my iPod Touch iGPS360. There items usually are worn or are carried in pockets, but why have clutter on your person or have bulging pockets?


Re: Oware AsymTarp 1

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:14 pm
by zelph
I don't like clutter 8-)

Bare bones, I like easy :D

Re: Oware AsymTarp 1

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:32 pm
by ConnieD
The aluminized nylon I found online is quite heavy. It would only be lightweight on a canvas tent.

I have purchased a mylar Heetsheets, instead.

It is crinkly, and, noisy. <sigh>

Anyway, I used one side of the Oware AsymTarp1 as a pattern for the mylar. I could clip it in place, however the wind would rip it away. Before then, it would whip around and be too noisy to sleep. Instead, I diluted McNett and laminated the mylar to one inside side of the Oware AsymTarp1 tarp.

I never would have done that with the original. However, this replacement tarp is heavier fabric, not so beautifully sewn, and, well, why not, so I did. I like the result.

Now, at last, I have a tarp for an open pitch to reflect heat from a small campfire.

Re: Oware AsymTarp 1

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:37 pm
by WanderingStovie
I was thinking metallized plastic sheets would be good for blocking light. It might help if you want to sleep during the day, and ought to improve privacy for some thinner translucent tents. Now if we could just get metallized cuben fiber.

Re: Oware AsymTarp 1

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:59 am
by ConnieD
I intended a really effective windbreak, as well, no more height than a "dew cloth" in a ShangriLa3 tipi.

I could sleep during the day, I suppose.

It might keep the sun off, if a really hot day as well.

I think there exists aluminized cuben: cuben was developed for sails, I think. I have seen shiny mylar sails. Metalized PET, boPET I don't know.