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Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:47 pm
by zelph
I hink it's a great idea;

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:00 pm
by sudden
Would be great if you don't have any trees nearby. Looks like a lot of extra weight though vs. sleeping bags and a standard tent.

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:52 pm
by zelph
Looks good for cooler temperatures, all those 98 degree heaters in there :geek: Canada is cool :mrgreen:

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:10 am
by sudden
zelph wrote:Looks good for cooler temperatures, all those 98 degree heaters in there :geek: Canada is cool :mrgreen:

Even one person in a setup like that would be warmer I think.

Everything I've read about under quilts has to do with the air that flows beneath your hammock as being the reason they are a challenge in cooler weather. I had the idea of putting a skirt below the hammock, all the way to ground, to block that airflow. The tent hang setup would do the same thing but also gives you some floor space out of the weather too.

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:24 am
by zelph
Every little bit we do can help preserve the heat. Leaves piled up would be a nice breeze blocker. Tarp extended to the ground on one side. Choosing the right site is important, just like real estate, location, location, location :mrgreen: Trees next to a large bramble bush patch etc. As the years go by we see tarp designs looking more and more like tents. ;)

This last time out camping with my family I tried for the first time to use my sleeping bag as a quilt. The bag was zipped 1/4 way up to create a foot box. In my tent I use an aluminum cot with ample pads to bring my body up to parallel with the edge of the cot frame. The bag draped over the edge and all through the night I was comfy, no cold air leaks. It's easy to make my night time pee breaks, just raise the one side and swing out. No messin with unzippin the bag. We can make things work to our benefit. I put my clothing on top of the foot box of the bag to compress the fabric to be close to my feet. Works for me :) Like you said, a skirt all the way to the ground, my bag extending over the side of cot to form a more warmer environment.

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:15 am
by bluenose climber
As the owner of the Dome I am glad you liked it. We are very proud of it.

The Geodesic Dome is a Scouting project. Our group all hammock and refuse to go back to the ground, but at some Jamborees we are forced to camp in a field. I got in trouble when our youth set up a kitchen where they were told to camp but set their hammocks about 100 meters away in some pine trees. The organizers didn't want them camping outside their designated area.

We tried several hammock stand ideas with mixed results. I threw the idea of a geodesic dome out and the next meeting two of them were very excited about it and the rest of the group caught the excitement. We did some fund raising for materials and the youth did the research about how big a dome we needed and what materials needed. The Dome is designed to hang 10 hammocks with a large centre open area for a kitchen. It is made of 1 5/8 " schedule 10 galvanized steel. The Dome is a frequency 2 Geodesic Dome with a 22' diameter and 11" tall. All 10 of us can climb the Dome without any worry of failure. The Dome frame weighs 440 lbs and when disassembled it fits inside my Blazer. It takes them about 30 mins. to assemble and less to disassemble.

We only use the Dome when we are forced to camp in a field setting. When we have trees, we go there. Although the Dome sure attracts a lot of interest whenever we set it up. The youth do a great job of explaining why and how they built it. The teens did all the fabrication themselves with a little help from some parents with the proper tools ( metal band saw, hydrolic press, etc.) We now have a custom cover for the Dome, again made by the youth.

This video was made at our first hang. We had rain and snow that weekend but the youth were warm and dry. The video was taken by another hammocking Scouter that couldn't wait for us to post any info about the Dome so he came to camp with his camera and hammock.

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:54 pm
by zelph
Thanks for stopping in "Bluenose climber" and telling us about your unique way to hang multiple hammocks for a group hang. :D

It's interesting to see how popular hammocks have become.

Do you feel the group enjoys the close hanging arrangement better than being separated in the woods?

Are the youth from the city or rural outlying areas?

I'm working on a unique hammock hanging arrangement for multiple hammocks(3). I will complete it this coming spring and will notify you when it's complete.

I'm making it primarily for my grandchildren. It started out as a teepee project :mrgreen:

Lets watch the take-down sequence of your dome:

Bluenose, Is that you wearing the kilt? Don't see that to often, had to look twice.

The new system I'm working on will be using tripods for supports

Re: Group Hang Canadian Style

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:56 pm
by bluenose climber
Thanks Zelph

The Venturers will be so impressed that you like their design. They like your designs, but still make their own.

The Dome was designed and built by a group of teens from an urban area. Not bad for city kids. We are from the East Coast of Canada so we do have a wood stove for winter camping. The roof is removable for summer camping as the Dome can be very warm on a hot sunny summer day. We found that we sleep better in the crowd if we use ear plugs. We use the ear plugs both in the Dome and in the woods so that the sounds don't wake us too early. The birds get up earlier than the teens in the morning.

As you can see in the first video the hammocks actually hang VERY close to each other. The Venturers are all good friends and have camped together for years. Being this close in the Dome has its issues and benefits. The group likes doing both Dome and woods. The Dome is 22' diameter and 66' circumference which gives us about a 16' open area in the centre of the Dome for a kitchen. The Venturers sit in their hammocks when eating and socializing so we are in a circle with food in front of each youth. What else would they want. Good food and good friends.

Yes that is me in the kilt. I like my kilts for comfort and freedom of movement.