Cuben fiber

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Cuben fiber

Post by ConnieD » Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:19 am

Is anyone else using cuben fiber for shelter?

I have a Hammock Gear "Diamond Asym Tarp" that measures 5' x 8.5' and has a ridgeline on the diagonal.

I have had it one season. It does stick, a little, if it remains packed in storage. I just noticed.

I got it for my Grand Trunk Nano 7 hammock. It works fine for that purpose.

I have also used it with three corners staked down and one corner pitched up higher. This makes a comfy open-air tarp for looking out or, as I use it, for taking in warmth of a reflected fire. I used my cadyak The Stump windscreen as a reflactor.

So I finally got a cuben fiber tarp.

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Re: Cuben fiber

Post by zelph » Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:56 pm

I've heard on several occasions on backpackinglight that it's too fragile for backpacking uses. It's great for boat sails ;)

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