HMG Black Summit cuben fiber backpack

Discuss commercial internal/external packs you have used and give your likes and dislikes.
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HMG Black Summit cuben fiber backpack

Post by ConnieD » Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:40 am

I like my cuben fiber tarp, by Hammock Gear so much I purchased a cuben fiber backpack.

The HMG Ice Pack review by Hiking in Finland convinced me the backpack made of cuben fiber could be tough enough.

I liked the HMG Black Summit for myself.

My intention was to use it for UL gear.

I worked out my list:

I found out at 5 lbs. gear this pack is not perceptible really, and, at a comfortable 20 lbs I can carry 10+ lbs. food and water.

My lightweight backpacking goal is a 20 lb. backpack with gear warm enough down to 15-20 F for the mountains near me with ample food to stay out camping-hiking at least 4-5 nights.

So I am a "happy camper".

I especially like the more narrow S-curve shoulder straps I feel are a better fit, than the wide flat shoulder straps on backpacks. I like the fact the shoulder straps are set somewhat wide apart at the top attachment point and that area is reinforced.

The pack has an elastic cord threaded across the outer back of the pack. I use my Bug Baffler mosquito headcover as a "mesh back" for carrying drying socks or still wet tarp on the outside of the pack. I have a cuben fiber tarp, now. I shake off excess moisture, towel it off somewhat, and secure it inside the mesh back.

This pack has a roll-top. I have had no leaks.

This pack has two daisy-chains, one on each side lower down, for securing gear outside the pack. I almost never use daisy chain attachment points on the outside of a pack. I notice these are lower down, so anything hanging off the pack tends to hang away from the pack. I like that.

I am easy-going with my gear so I cannot tell you about abrasion resistance.

I can tell you this backpack has gone thru one season and looks new. I use a damp cloth to clean it. No problem.

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Re: HMG Black Summit cuben fiber backpack

Post by zelph » Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:01 pm

I'm too rough on gear to be using cuben fiber :o Too many items at home, in my trunk, on the ground and too masny branches extending over the trails I hike on. I'm more concerned about where I'm walking(snakes :o )

I can tell it will work well for you. You are gear sensitive, taking care of it 100% :D

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