whatzitt stove 10/18/2006

Come check out a compilation of Zelph's stove designs.
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whatzitt stove 10/18/2006

Post by zelph » Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:14 pm

All the right parts came together to make up this combination stove. I made it with an aluminum bottle "Snapple Energy" drink.
A can from a can of chicken in water.
A piece of fiberglass wick.
I JB welded the can to the bottom of the bottle, inserted the wick into the can, poured in 2 cups of water, lit it, 7.25 min later I had a rolling boil. Water temperature at the start was 70 degrees. Air temperature was 58 degrees.

I used 1/2 ounce of fuel.

Total weight for the combination stove with integral pot = 110 grams/3.8 ounces.

I know this design goes against stove making pricipals, the one that says you don't want the flames to go out from under the pot bottom and up the sides. Well this one shows how those hot flames on the side of your pot can really be an asset.
Ive test burned this one at least 25 times, why does'nt the ink burn off ?

I'll be tweaking this one and taking it to the drawing table for further action.


This stove-----lets not call it a stove!!!!!!

Lets call it an elemental unit. It's only good for boling water in 7 1/4 min. with 1/2 ounce of fuel.

Raise the wick up so that it sticks up about 1/2 inch and add 20ml/2/3 ounce of denatured and you get a 4 min. boil. Thats not too shabby!!!!!!!!(I know alot of you are skeptical a bout that, but thats expected)

This is not a stove , it's a creation.

The first time i put the fire to it it melted the plastic piece that the cap screws onto. I had to remove it, so now the cap just sits there loose and jiggles when the water comes to a rolling boil.

I have an aluminum bottom that I will use to make another unit tomorrow.

Subject change------I made a stove using a canteen that is saucer shaped. JB welded a steel screw on cap to the aluminum canteen. After two burn tests the JB weld failed. Both surfaces were degreased and surface roughed up with 150 grit paper. Anybody experience failures with JB?

Could not find the Jolt cola cans that would fit around the base. Got sidetracked, went wild on my thoughts. Started thinking of a way to use the pot to carry water. Went through my STUFF and found this Brunton 1.0 litre water flask. It holds 4 cups of water, so I chose to work with it so I could carry my water in it, heat the water in it, use 2 cups of the water for my Rahmen noodles and the remaining 2 cups for hot chocolate.

Scrounged, found an aluminum cup the right size for the base, put the fiberglass cloth in, 35ml of denatured/1 oz.+, 13.5 min. later, 4 cups of water at rolling boil.

Had to try the windscreen idea. Made one out of al flashing that is 10 in. high with 1/2 inch holes at its base, fits close to ATK base. Thought I'd try to capture some of the heat going out the top so I put on a 2 cup capacity pot. After ten min. of heating it was at a rapid boil and the top two cups of water got to 140 degrees.(good enough to wash my hands) So, thats 4 cups of water boiled in 10 min. Thats 2 1/2 min. per cup, not too shabby. The windscreen knocked off 3 1/2 min. of the boil time. I did this test only once, and find this hard to grasp. Need to do more burn tests. Will report as soon as tmore tests are made. Never did test a windscreen around the snapple bottle.

Some thoughts led me to preventing the plastic threads on the snapple bottle from melting so it could be used to carry water also. I made a round split collar to act as a heat shield, you can see in the second and third photos, bottle on the right. Used .005 anodized aluminum sheet to make it. It's thin stuff, bout the thickness of red hair. Success, it worked!!!!!, tried several burn tests, no meltdown.


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