The smallest stove??

Know of a stove that has some Character about it for one reason or another, post it here.
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Re: The smallest stove??

Post by zelph » Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:08 pm

There is some kind of phenomena that takes place during the burning of vapors. the flames move away from the main source and attach themselves to the outer rim/surface where oxygen comes into play. I have seen this happen in my testing where I use a small continer like a tealite side burner placed on top of a soup can. The vapors come out of the tealite holes and go outward to the edge of the soup can and that is where the flames establish themselves. Only when the fuel is almost exhausted will we see the flames come out the jets of the tealight and in this case, the jets of the pill container.

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Re: The smallest stove??

Post by realityguy » Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:17 pm

I see that on the sheba when I only fill the inner 1" burner pot..with a low pot close to the stove say 1/2" above.About 1" up it shifts to the inner burner's diameter.His seems to be high enough it should burn from the inner jets I would think.Maybe the heat factor is hot enough to keep it going at the outer level.


Zelph..I'm curious if you have done any serious testing of that theory..say a small burner inside a 5-6" diameter can around the stove to see if you produce more heat and faster boils..than say a 3" outer can around the stove... using the same amount of fuel of course....:sci: Of course spilled fuel or fuel bubbling over will create more heat/flame and end up with a shorter burn..with a decrease in the boil time..hopefully.
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