14.2g Canister stove

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Re: 14.2g Canister stove

Post by zelph » Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:12 am

Tony wrote:Hi Zelph,
Tony, what's the function of the large holes in the vertical black tube?
The holes are to suck air in to mix with the fuel, it is then entrained in the turbulent gaseous jet. Most of the air required for combustion is sucked in through these holes. I put a lot of time getting the jet size and mixing tube right to suit the small burner and , it is not easy to get right.

You are in a special class woking with these types of stoves. Looks complicated. Glad you are sharing the great photos and technology.

I've played a tiny bit with a :D little micro torch and have had no luck geting it to burn the way I wan't it to :D

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